2018 OCP Regional Summit



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Welcome Address Mark Roenigk Video Slides
Introduction John Laban Video Slides
Keynote presented by Microsoft Marc Tremblay Video Slides
Distributed Compute - Presented by Facebook Hans-Juergen  Schmidtke Video Slides
Summit Highlights Bill Carter Video Slides
OCP/OPNFV Running a Central Office on OCP Gear Heather Kirksey; Attilla de Groot; Rajeev Sharma Video Slides
Introduction of 2019 OCP Global Summit Bill Carter; Steve Helvie Video Slides
Closing Remarks Steve Helvie Video Slides
Learning from Hyperscale To Help You Get Started in Open Source - presented by Facebook Aaron Sullivan Video Slides
Panel Discussion of Facebook’s ‘Learning from Hyperscale To Help You Get Started in Open Source’ Presentation Scott Constable; Aaron Sullivan; Lasse Jensen; Ami Badani, Mariano Cunietti
Moderator:  Liz Cruz
Building OCP Server Solutions with Project Olympus Building Blocks - presented by ZT Systems Raymond Miles Video Slides
Differentiated Data Center Servers using Reconfigurable Logic - presented by Microsoft Derek Chiou Video Slides
Powering The Next Generation Open Data Center Revolution – New OCP Standard AI & Storage Computing Platform At A Glance - presented by Inpur John Hu Video Slides
Next Generation Storage Solution Using NVMeoF & NF1 Form Factor SSDs - presented by Samsung Kristian Vättö Video Slides
HPE Cloudline Autonomous Driving Solutions - presented by HPE Kara Long Video Slides
Wiwynn Achievements in OCP - presented by Wiwynn Min Chao Video Slides
OCP Primer Archna Haylock Video Slides
OCP Next Gen Revamped Website Rajeev Sharma Video Slides
OCP Use Case: Path to Adoption Juliano Martinez Video Slides
OCP Use Case: Oceinde Nerim with Celeris Etienne Dupin de Saint Cyr Video Slides
OCP Use Case: KPN Experiences First OCP Deployment Michel Geensen Video Slides
OCP Use Case: How OCP Helps ING Bank Slaski to Reduce TCO and Improve User Experience Jaroslaw Sobel; Mikołaj Kujawa Video Slides
A Study of Energy Efficiency in European Data Centers Liz Cruz; Richard Petrie Video Slides
OCP Solution Provider and Supply Chain Overview Steve Helvie Video Slides
RISE and Open Source Monitoring of Legacy OCP Systems funded by H2020 Jon Summers; Tor Minde Video Slides
Energy Efficiency and EU Policy affecting Data Centres Rabih Bashroush; Davide Polverini; Svetoslav Mihaylov Video Slides
SONiC: Software for Open Networking in the Cloud Lihua Yuan Video Slides
OCP Networking Use- Cases Attilla de Groot Video Slides
Things We Can Learn from Simulating DC Networks Ariel Hendel; Mark Griswold Video Slides
Disaggregation at an Internet Exchange Richard Petrie Video Slides
Journey to the West: Integrating Cisco IOS-XR with OCP Technologies Akshat Sharma Video Slides
Open-only Data Center Network Alex Saroyan Video Slides
Modular Architecture – Enabled by Flyover Twin-Ax Jignesh Shah Video Slides
Project Cerberus Hardware Security Bryan Kelly; Yigal Edery Video Slides
Open Rack Specification 2.1 Update Steve Mills Video Slides
Standardisation of the Rack to Busbar Interface Resul Altinkilic; Steven Moore Video Slides
Dynamic Behavior and Current Sharing Challenges in Multi Vendor Interop Harry Soin Video Slides
Efficiency Analysis of Open Hardware Rack Power Architectures Liang Zhang Video Slides
Unified Network Fabric for Open Rack Vertical Expansion Dr. Michael Manansala Video Slides
AirFrame Transport Optimized 36OU ORv2 Rack Variant Samuli Toivola Video Slides
Face to Face with Octave Klaba Octave Klaba Video Slides
Advanced Cooling Solutions Working Session Steve Mills; Archna Haylock; Caleb Lusk Video  
EuroEXA: OCP Inspired HPC in the EU Peter Hopton Video Slides
Immersed Computing®, Optimizing Server Design for Liquid Rolf Brink Video Slides
Project Discussion: Enabling Liquid Cooling in OpenRack Steve Mills Video Slides
Adoption of OCP Solutions in Yahoo! JAPAN's Infrastructure Kazuhide Fujimi Video Slides
AirFrame Open Rack Server with Integrated HW Acceleration Samuli Toivola Video Slides
Facebook Latest Server/ML Hardware Overview Whitney Zhao Video Slides
OCP NIC 3.0 Collaboration - An Open Hardware Development Story Joshua Held Video Slides
How to Design an ORv2 OCP Based Rack-Scale Solution Menno Kortekaas Video Slides
Achieving Deterministic IO with Lightning JBOF Wei Zhang; Alexei Naberezhnov Video Slides
Bryce Canyon - Facebook's Flexible Hard Drive Storage Architecture Austin Cousineau Video Slides
Telco Project Overview Craig White, Sumithra Bhojan Video Slides
The Open GPON OLT: A Contribution of Deutsche Telekom to the Open Compute Project Paul Wagner Video Slides
Telco Aggregation Routers - Edgecore OCP Contributions Jeff Catlin Video Slides
Edge Data Center Solution: The Need and the Promise Antti Romppanen Video Slides
Open Edge Ecosystem Development Mika Hatanpää Video Slides
Edge Server and Chassis Tomi Männikkö Video Slides
An Open Approach: Virtualizing the CO for Mobile Services Heather Kirksey Video Slides
Cell Site Gateway Router Janet Peng Video Slides
Open MDC 1.0: Modular Dara Center Optimized for OCP Hardware Roberto Söderhäll Video Slides
Four Principles to Realize the Benefits of OCP for the Data Centre Facility Stijn de Kruijf Video Slides
Analysis of Data Center Electrical Architectures Supporting Open Compute Project Robert Bunger Video Slides
Data Center Server Agnostic Power Management Bryan Kelly Video Slides
OCP Ready Colocation Facility Pilot Program Mark Dansie; Brevan Reyher; Gerard Thibault Video Slides
#TheNaturalChoice - presented by Green Mountain Tor Kristian Gyland Video Slides
OCP Profiles for Platform Hardware Management John Leung Video Slides
OpenBMC Status Update James Mihm; Sai Dasari Video Slides
OCP/ Open System Firmware (OSF) Intro and Progress Update Devender Goud Video Slides
UEFI Implementation Intel® Xeon Based OCP Platform Sarathy Jayakumar Video Slides
Turning Linux Engineers into Firmware Engineers David Hendricks; Andrea Barberio Video Slides
Linuxboot Continuous Integration Jean-Marie Verdun; Guillaume Giamarchi Video Slides
Linuxboot: Linux as Firmware Chris Koch Video Slides

OCP U.S. Summit 2018

Engineering Workshop: Advanced Cooling

  • Best Practice of Alibaba Datacenter-Immersion Cooling Escorts Cloud Computing, Fangzhi Wen - video, slides
  • Two Phase Rack Level Cooling Solution, Lentis Pai - video, slides
  • An Innovative Immersion Cooling Approach for Shrinking OCP Data Center Size, Complexity, and Costs, Gary Testa; Darwin Kauffman - video, slides
  • Solving the Energy Challenge through Innovations in Data Center Cooling, John Gross; Kar-Wing Lau; Charles Benge; Phillip Tuma; Michael E. Garceau - video, slides
  • Data Analysis of Manufacturing Test Results for DRAM Module, Ted Pang - video, slides

Engineering Workshop: C&I

  • Networking Interoperability Testing Convergence, Ray Paik - video, slides
  • Interop Challenge: Wedge100 vs the World, David Woolf - video, slides

Engineering Workshop: Data Center Facility

  • Open Compute Colocation Facility Assessment, Robert Bunger - video, slides
  • Flexible POD Based Designs for OCP and Mixed IT Deployments, Richard Symons - video, slides
  • Efficiency Beyond the AC Based Datacenter Designs; 400VDC Power Feed Solution, Juha Klemola - video, slides
  • Micro Modular Datacenters, Roberto Söderhäll - video, slides
  • OCP Data Center Sustainability Standard Initiative, Aryn Bergman - video, slides
  • New Topics for Data Center Facility Project, Robert Bunger; Brevan Reyher - video, slides

Engineering Workshop: HPC

  • Recommended Profiles for Next Generation of OCP Racks (Joint Session with Rack & Power), Alex Lin - video, slides
  • Gen-Z High-Performance Interconnect for the Data-Centric Future, Greg Casey - video, slides
  • Standardizing Power Supply Modules for Use of AC Equipment in Open Rack (Joint Session with Power), John Nguyen - video, slides
  • High Performance/Scalability Machine Learning Platform w/ Latest PCIe Gen4 Technology, Jacky Hung - video
  • Accelerating Flash Memory with the High-Performance, Low-Latency OpenCAPI Interface, Allan Cantle; Marcy Byers - video, slides
  • OCP Server Platform for Deep Learning, Jordan Plawner - video, slides

Engineering Workshop: HW Management

  • DMTF Standards for OCP Platforms Management, Hemal Shah - video, slides
  • Redfish API and Interoperability Profiles, Jeff Autor - video, slides
  • Redfish OCP Profile for Server Platforms, John Leung - video, slides
  • Standards Based Multi-Host NIC Management, Yuval Itkin; Hemal Shah; Sai Dasari - video, slides
  • BMC Mezzanine Card + Development Board, Eric Shobe; Jared Mednick - video, slides
  • OpenBMC and HW Management Collaboration, Bill Carter - video, slides
  • Power Capping and Scheduling on Racks with Flexible Power Supply, Justin Song; Nishi Ahuja - video, slides

Engineering Workshop: New Servers & GPUs

  • Networking Project Welcome & Introduction by Project Leads, Scott Emery & Omar Baldonado - video, slides
  • Technical Review of Twin Lakes Intel Architecture Server for Yosemite V2, Damien Chong; John Bryan - video, slides
  • Quanta QCT Project Olympus, Alvin Ni - video, slides
  • Denali: The Next-Generation High-Density Storage Interface, Laura Caulfield; Arie van der Hoeven - video, slides
  • Project Olympus Expansion Chassis, Mark A. Shaw; Siamak Tavallaei - video
  • Project Olympus - Open Source Systems Available Today, Mark Shaw - video
  • Technical Review of Next Generation Intel Architecture 2 Socket Server (Tioga Pass): Performance and Power Optimization, Terry Trausch; Whitney Zhao - video, slides
  • Facebook Flexible GPU Expander Big Basin Refresh, Whitney Zhao; Xiaodong Wang - video, slides
  • Facebook OCP 2S Server Tioga Pass Refresh, Whitney Zhao - video, slides
  • Yosemite V2: Modular 1S Platform, Damien Chong; Anthony Chan - video, slides

Engineering Workshop: NW: Case Studies & Roundtable

  • FBOSS Operational Update, Nina Schiff; Pablo Lucena - video, slides
  • Walk the Talk : OCP WiFi at 2018 U.S. Summit, Sudhan Kayarkar; Rajat Ghai - video, slides
  • BoF Discussion - NW: Case Studies & Roundtable, - video
  • Open Networking Roundtable, Scott Emery; Omar Baldonado - video
  • Open Networking 2.0 - Disaggagated Software, Clifford Wichmann - video, slides
  • Surveying the Open Networking Communities Landscape, Arpit Joshipura - video, slides
  • Network Transformation (Data/Telecom) and Whitebox, Dhiman Deb Chowdhury - video. slides

Engineering Workshop: NW: Demo & Telemetry BoF

  • SONiC Development and Deployment at Alibaba, Haiyong Wang - video, slides
  • BoF Discussion - NW: Demo & Telemetry BoF, - video
  • InBand Network Telemetry - A Powerful Analytics Framework for Your Data Center, Roberto Mari - video, slides
  • OCP Network Stack: Common Components for Three Very Different Use-Cases, Rob Sherwood, Kyle Forster, Vivek Shah - video, slides
  • An Evolution of Network Telemetry, Tal Mizrahi - video, slides
  • Network Telemetry and Analytics in the Age of Big Data, Raj Pathak - video, slides

Engineering Workshop: NW: Lessons & SONiC BoF

  • Scalable Designs for Data Center Network: Fabric Aggregator, João Ferreira; Naader Hasani - video, slides
  • Yahoo! JAPAN's Networks and Recent Efforts, Kenya Murakoshi - video, slides
  • ONIE and Securing the Install Process, Curt Brune - video, slides
  • BoF: Alibaba Fast Data Center Network Evolution with Open SONiC and Programmable HW Chip, Dennis Cai - video, slides
  • BoF Discussion - NW: Lessons & SONiC, - video
  • BoF: SONiC Deployments Powered by Programmable Dataplane, Arkadiy Shapiro - video, slides
  • BoF: SONIC Softswitch, Matty Kadosh - video, slides
  • SONiC: Programmability, Extensibility and Beyond, Dave Maltz - video, slides

Engineering Workshop: NW: Optics BoF

  • Open Optical Packet Transponder Leveraging OCP Networking Technology, Michael Long - video
  • 100G CWDM4-OCP Update, Vincent Zeng; Abhijit Chakravarty; Heidi Daniels - video, slides
  • Managing Optics Using Open Standard Software, Don Bollinger - video, slides
  • 400G CWDM8 Optics for Next Generation Data Center Networks, Scott Schube - video, slides
  • Own the Link -- Performance and Cost Optimization, Mike Connaughton - video, slides
  • Failure Prediction Mechanism for Pluggable Optical Interconnect at Facebook Data Centers, Vincent Zeng; Abhijit Chakravarty - video, slides
  • BoF Discussion - NW: Optics, - video

Engineering Workshop: NW: SAI Programmability BoF

  • Accelerating Load Balancing Programs Using HW-based Hints in the eXpress Data Path, Peter Waskiewicz; Neerav Parikh - video, slides
  • SAI Update and Looking Forward, Xin Liu; Guohan Lu - video, slides
  • BoF Discussion - NW: SAI & Programmability, - video
  • Programmable Silicon Use-Cases in the Disaggregated Network, Arkadiy Shapiro - video, slides
  • Switchgear Innovations Using Programmable Hardware, Albert Fishman; Zubin Shah - video, slides
  • Switch ASIC Programmability with SAI, Matty Kadosh - video, slides

Engineering Workshop: OPEN. FOR BUSINESS. - Adoption Stats and Stories

  • Adoption Stories: Hyperscale at Very Small Scale, Oyvind Bakksjo - video, slides
  • Project Greenfield – Building the Nextgen Datacenter at Adobe, Stegen Smith - video, slides

Engineering Workshop: OpenBMC

  • OpenBMC Hardware Platform Development Guideline, Robert Feng - video, slides
  • Google's Work on OpenBMC, Nancy Yuen - video, slides
  • OpenBMC on Project Olympus, Ali Larijani - video, slides
  • Facebook OpenBMC Updates, Sai Dasari; Christopher Covington - video, slides
  • OpenBMC End User Features and Function, Andrew Geissler - video, slides
  • State of OpenBMC Development, Brad Bishop - video, slides
  • Intel’s Journey with OpenBMC, James Mihm - video, slides

Engineering Workshop: Power

  • Updating the Open Compute Voltage Step Response Requirement, John Nguyen - video, slides
  • Standardizing Power Supply Modules for Use of AC Equipment in Open Rack (Joint Session With HPC), John Nguyen - video, slides
  • True Three Phase 380-480 Vac to 48 Vdc Power Shelf, Paul Smith - video, slides
  • OCP 48VDC Power System Implementation – High Efficiency Power and Lithium BBU Units, Pedro Fernandez - video, slides
  • Project Gemini – Flexible 12VDC Power Shelf Design with Software Defined Power, Damir Klikic - video, slides
  • Efficiency Improvement by Two-Stage 48V Solution, John WC Lin - video

Engineering Workshop: Rack and Power

  • Recommended Profiles for Next Generation of OCP Racks (Joint Session with HPC), Alex Lin - video, slides
  • NEBS Seismic Zone-4 Kit for Open Rack v2” Specification Introduction and Test Results, Juha Klemola - video, slides
  • How Optimisation of the OCP Rack Through a DMFA Lens Helps Scale Roll Out, Derek Winsor - video, slides
  • Google 48V Update: Flatbed and STC, Scott McCauley; Shuai Jiang - video, slides

Engineering Workshop: Security & System Firmware

  • Project Cerberus, Bryan Kelly - video
  • Firmware, The Final Frontier: Achieving the Promise of OCP by Making OCP Nodes Truly Open, Ron Minnich; Gundrala "Devender" Goud - video, slides
  • Security Team Work Session, Bryan Kelly; Nate Klein - video

Engineering Workshop: Server

  • PCI Express: Delivering Bandwidth for OCP, Al Yanes - video, slides
  • Expanding Servers Lifecycle, Jean-Marie Verdun - video
  • Telco NFV Optimized Nokia AirFrame Server, Samuli Toivola - video, slides
  • HW Solution for Distributed Edge Data Centers, Mikko Ohvo - video, slides
  • Indicator Specification Proposal, Michael Haken - video, slides
  • Using SmartNICs to Improve Multihost Server Latency, Nic Viljoen - video, slides
  • OCP NIC 3.0 Collaboration- An Open Hardware Development Story (Joint session with Telco), Jia Ning; Yueming Li; Joshua Held - video. slides
  • OCP NIC 3.0 Card Design and Interoperability Testing, Jon Lewis; Samit Ashdhir; Rick Eads - video, slides
  • Accelerator Eco-System on Google / Rackspace - Zaius / Barreleye G2 Server, Adi Gangidi - video, slides

Engineering Workshop: Storage

  • Tri-mode (SAS / SATA / NVMe) Storage Solution on Rackspace OCP Barreleye G2 Server, Adi Gangidi - video, slides
  • Hybrid SMR Disks, Theodore Ts'o - video, slides
  • Linux Kernel Support for Hybrid SMR Devices, Damien Le Moal - video, slides
  • Health Chain Management - Sub-Group Update, Jun Liu; Naman Nair - video, slides
  • Introduction to HDD Field Accessible Reliability Metrics, Jun Liu - video, slides
  • Bryce Canyon System Improvements, Madhavan Ravi; Yong Jiang; Saket Karajgikar; CK Kho - video, slides
  • Intel Innovations. Re-Imagining Data Center Storage and Memory, Greg Matson - video, slides
  • Storing and Protecting Data at Cloud Scale Using Project Olympus Hardware, Michael McGrath - video
  • CINABRO: A Software Driven, Open Flash Array Architecture for Scalable Cloud Storage Services, Sungjoon Ahn - video, slides
  • SK Telecom: Shareable DAS Pool with All NVMe Array, Eric H. Chang - video, slides
  • Datacenter Initiatives and Programs for Storage, Mark Carlson - video, slides

Engineering Workshop: Telco

  • Universal CPE - Specs and Software, John Gibbons - video, slides
  • Open Access, Sumithra Bhojan - video, slides
  • OCP uCPE Solution Using Marvell CPU, PHY and Switch Devices, Jeffrey Ho; Maen Suleiman - video, slides
  • Experiences from OCP Gear Deployments with Telcos, Mika Hatanpää - video, slides
  • Hardware Monitoring and Management System for Telco Data Center, Jungsoo Kim - video, slides
  • OCP-CG and Edge Computing, Jeff Sharpe - video, slides
  • Industry Collaboration for Open Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO) APIs, Dan Pitt - video, slides
  • Advancing Open Architectures to Build Your Server Room, Jeff Sharpe - video, slides
  • Building the Foundation: How to Deploy CORD Architectures with OCP-Based Hardware, Matt St. Peter - video, slides
  • OCP NIC 3.0 Collaboration- An Open Hardware Development Story (Joint session with Server), Jia Ning; Yueming Li; Joshua Held - video, slides

Executive Track

  • Satisfying Future Data Center Needs with the Latest Technologies – Power, High Speed, Thermal and Diagnosis - Presented by Wiwynn, Sunlai Chang - video
  • Project Olympus: Fulfilling the Promise of Open Hardware - Presented by Microsoft, Badriddine Khessib - video
  • Designing for Cloud Workloads - Presented by Ampere Computing, Atiq Bajwa - video , slides
  • New Arrivals: Open Systems Firmware Comes to OCP - Presented by Facebook, Badriddine Khessib; Ron Minnich; Brad Bishop; Nancy Yuen; Mohan Kumar; Tian Fang - video
  • New Workloads & The Evolving Network - Presented by Intel, Uri Cummings - video, slides
  • NVMe Over Fabrics - High performance SSDs Networked for Composable Infrastructure - Presented by Mellanox, Rob Davis - video, slides
  • OCP Design for EIA Adoptions - Presented by QCT, Alan Chang - video, slides
  • Beyond Capacity - Presented by Seagate, Jason Feist; Ted Deffenbaugh - video, slides
  • OCP Product Overview - Presented by Inspur, Matthew Thauberger - video, slides
  • Using “Open” Building Blocks to Enable Emerging SSD Form Factors - Presented by Marvell, Nigel Alvares - video, slides
  • Adoption of OCP - Presented by Hyve, Doug Bone; Amir Michaels; Mohan Kumar; Charles Ingalz; Mike Moore - video, (panel discussion - no slides)
  • Building OCP Server Solutions with Project Olympus Building Blocks - Presented by ZT Systems, Raymond Miles - video, slides
  • Democratizing AI - Presented by Intel, Carlos Morales - video, slides
  • OCP Initiatives and Intel Implementations - Presented by Intel, Mohan Kumar - video, slides
  • A Programmable Network - Presented by Delta, Nasser Noei - video, slides

Expo Hall Session

  • Next-Generation Cloud Infrastructure in the Age of AI: Wiwynn OCP, Project Olympus, and 19” Solutions - Presented by Wiwynn, Ethan SL Yang - video, slides
  • Addressing Diversity in Data Center Networks - Presented by Marvell, Yaniv Kopelman - video, slides
  • QCT’s New Gen Offering for OCP and Olympus - Presented by QCT , Alan Chang - video, slides
  • The Edge Computing Trend and How That’s Causing Switch Form Factors to Diverge - Presented by Mellanox, David Iles - video, slides
  • Project Olympus Top Ten Questions Answered - Presented by Microsoft, Mark Shaw - video
  • AI Hardware Infrastructure at Facebook - Presented by Facebook, Kevin Lee; Xiaodong Wang - video. slides
  • Open Hardware Trends and Use Cases in the Hyperscale Datacenter - Presented by Inspur, Dolly Wu - video, slides
  • Ampere eMAG Processor: Optimized for the Cloud - Presented by Ampere Computing, Kumar Sankaran - video, slides
  • Exabyte-scale Flash Storage with OCP Architecture - Presented by Nimbus Data, Thomas Isakovich - video, slides
  • HPE Cloudline: Open Infrastructure for the Cloud Age - Presented by HPE, Kara Long - video
  • Open, Efficient & Intelligent: Smart Infrastructure Solutions - Presented by Delta, Dhiman Deb Chowdhury - video, slides
  • Film: Data Driven. Advancing a Sustainable Future. - Presented by 3M, Michael E. Garceau - video
  • Next Generation OLT - Presented by Cambridge Industries USA, Ali Taslimi - video, slides
  • Flash Forward with NVRAM/SSD Hybrid Solutions - Presented by Lite-On Storage, Jeffery Chang - video, slides
  • Ridesharing Your Cloud Data Center - Realize Better Resource Utilization with NVMe-oF - Presented by Toshiba, Jeremy Werner - video, slides
  • Accelerate IT Deployments with Rack-Ready Pod Based Designs - Presented by Schneider Electric, Richard Symons; Aaron Cotter - video, slides
  • Disruption at the Edge: An update on the Central Office CORD on OCP - Presented by Flex, Dharmesh Jani - video, slides
  • Innovative Next Gen NVMe Features - Presented by Seagate, David Allen - video, slides
  • ServiceEngine™ Accelerating Commercialization of Open Telecom Solutions - Presented by Radisys, Matt St. Peter - video, slides

IHS Market Results

  • OCP Market Impact Assessment, Clifford Grossner, Ph.D. - video, slides


  • Opening Remarks & Welcome, Rocky Bullock - video, slides
  • The Future for OCP: "OPEN. For Business.", Mark Roenigk - video, slides
  • Cloud-Scale Innovations for a Secure Trusted Infrastructure - Presented by Microsoft, Kushagra Vaid - video, slides
  • Open Source Software on Open Hardware - Linux Foundation & OCP, Arpit Joshipura; Rocky Bullock - video, slides
  • Google, Facebook and Big Switch Demo Next Generation Network Operating Systems Based on Open Network Linux, Rob Sherwood; Vivek Shah; Kyle Forster - video, slides
  • Moving Faster and Innovating as a Community - Presented by Facebook, Sree Sankar; Omar Baldonado - video, slides
  • Cloud Network Optics, Andreas “Andy” von Bechtolsheim - video, slides
  • Innovative State: Growth Opportunities in an Era of Digital Public/Private Collaboration, Aneesh Chopra - video, slides
  • Architecting for the Future of Hyperscale Datacenters - Presented by Intel, Jason Waxman - video, slides
  • New OCP Project Announcements, Bill Carter - video, slides
  • Closing Remarks, Bill Carter; Archna Haylock - video, slides
  • Community, Archna Haylock - video, slides

OCP Solution Providers at the 2018 OCP U.S. Summit

  • See what Solution Providers had to share - video

OCP U.S. Summit 2017

US Summit '17 - Microsoft Project Olympus Track

  • Microsoft Project Olympus Overview - video, slides
  • Microsoft Project Olympus Servers - video, slides
  • Microsoft Project Olympus High Density Flash - video, slides
  • Microsoft Project Olympus Storage JBOD - video, slides
  • Microsoft Project Olympus AI Accelerator Chassis (A2C) - video, slides
  • Microsoft Project Olympus Rack Management - video, slides
  • Microsoft Power capping in Project Olympus - video, slides

US Summit '17 - Networking Project

  • Facebook's Open Networking Hardware - video, slides
  • Tales From the Field: L1 Issues - video, slides
  • Universal Connectivity and Interoperability in the Open Eco System - video, slides
  • ONIE with Secure Boot - video, slides
  • Linux Networking Greatness, episode 2 - video, slides
  • Experiences in Operating a Mixed OCP/Non-OCP Data Center Network - video, slides
  • Open Networking Advancing, Expanding, and Deploying - slides
  • Alpha 10G, 25G and 100G switches for the DC and Telco markets - video, slides
  • SAI: Releasing the Potential of Switch ASIC - video, slides
  • Networking SAI Behavioral Model Implementation in P4 - video, slides
  • Taking SAI Beyond the Data Center Fabric - video
  • SONiC: Enabling Fast Evolution in the Network - video, slides
  • Testing to enable 100G fabrics at scale (TOR and Optics) - video, slides
  • OpenSwitch (OPX) Introduction - video, slides
  • Controlling the Network with APIs - video
  • 100G Optics Deployment in Facebook Data Centers - video, slides

US Summit '17 - Hardware Management Project

US Summit '17 - Rack & Power and Datacenter Projects

  • Overview of Open Rack Specification 2.0 Updates - video, slides
  • Power Considerations for Open Rack - video, slides
  • 48V direct to CPU goes Mainstream - video
  • Flexible & Scalable 48V Solutions To Power Tomorrows Datacenters - video, slides
  • OCP For Telco: The Challenge and the Solution - Part Two - video, slides
  • A Novel, Scalable, Energy Proportional Architecture for 48V to PoL Direct Conversion - video, slides
  • Facility Requirements for Deploying OCP Racks - video, slides
  • Specification of the Data Center IT Pod - video, slides
  • Coordinated Models for Analysis, Design, Construction, and Operations - video

US Summit '17 - Server Project

  • OCP Mezzanine NIC 2.0 and Beyond - video, slides
  • Multi-Node 1S Server Platform Yosemite V2 - video, slides
  • 3U High Density Compute Accelerator System (Dr. Know) - video, slides
  • Facebook OCP 2S Server Tioga Pass - video, slides
  • AVA - NVMe m.2 in Scale Out Storage - video, slides
  • SmartNIC Data Plane Acceleration and Reconfiguration - video, slides
  • Zaius & Barreleye G2: the 48v Google / Rackspace OpenPOWER Platform - video, slides
  • Big Basin: Flexible GPU Expander - video, slides
  • OCP Toolchain Subgroup - Ohub - video, slides

US Summit '17 - Storage Project

  • Lightning (PCIe JBOF): Update, Challenges, and Solutions - video, slides
  • Bryce Canyon: Facebook’s Next Generation Storage Server - video, slides
  • All NVMe Flash Array for Hyper-efficiency in Rack Scale - video, slides
  • Software-Defined Storage Architectures on Open Compute - video, slides
  • Building Shared Accelerated Storage on OCP - video
  • A High-density NVME JBOF Storage in 1U Chassis -video, slides
  • Cloud-Optimized HDD Standardization Process - video, slides
  • Open Drive Test - video, slides

US Summit '17 - Telco Project

  • Specification for OCP - Telecom Sled - video
  • 5G: Redefining the Telco Data Center - video, slides
  • Delivering Carrier-Grade OCP to Telco Data Centers - video, slides
  • OCP Trial Results for Telco Infrastructure - video, slides
  • High Temperature Datacenter Hardware - video, slides
  • Applying Cloud Principles to Hardware Drivers - video, slides
  • Open Access – AT&T Specs - video, slides

Main Stage - Keynotes

  • Welcome and State of the Foundation Update - video, slides
  • Microsoft Platinum Sponsor Presentation: Reimagining Open Hardware Innovation at Cloud Speed - video, slides
  • Implementing an OCP Strategy - video, slides
  • Intel Platinum Sponsor Presentation - video, slides
  • Software's Role in an Open Hardware Ecosystem - video
  • Facebook Server Refresh - video, slides
  • Building a Data Center for the Post-mobile Era - video, slides

Executive Track

  • Facebook: Scaleout SW Solutions on OCP HW - Panel - video
  • Intel: Intel and OCP: Collaboration and Innovation - video, slides
  • Hyve: Hyve Designed 48V OCP v2 Rack- video, slides
  • Microsoft: Enabling Cloud Workloads Through Innovations in Silicon - video, slides
  • Sony: OAI - video
  • Seagate: Innovation in Hyperscale Storage - video, slides
  • Delta: Delta Group Open IT Infrastructure Solutions - video, slides
  • HPE: Leaping Ahead with Open – HPE Has a Hyperscale Strategy for You - video, slides
  • Flex (Nokia): The OCP Driven Telco Cloud - video, slides
  • Marvell: Modular Networking - video, slides
  • AMD: AMD Naples: The Future is Open - video
  • Intel: Intel® Rack Scale Design: A Deeper Perspective on Software Manageability for the Open Compute Project Community - video, slides
  • Canonical: Total Automation of OCP Infrastructure for Speed, Cost and Accuracy in the DC - video, slides

Expo Hall Track

  • Facebook: Zooming In On the Network - video, slides
  • Microsoft: Designing Open Source Hardware to Inspire an Ecosystem - video, slides
  • Hyve: New Rack & Server Solutions Supporting OCP Initiatives - video, slides
  • Seagate: NVMe SSD Proliferation in OCP Servers - video, slides
  • Expo Hall Theater: Sony OAI - video
  • Delta: Moving Beyond the Inflection Point: A White Box Perspective - video, slides
  • HPE: Jump into the Open – HPE Has Your Parachute - video, slides
  • Marvell: Extending the Lifecycle of 3.2T Switches - video
  • Flex: Removing the Friction from Global Data Center Deployment - video, slides
  • QCT: What’s New in OCP from QCT - video, slides
  • Wiwynn: Planting the Future: Cutting-Edge OCP Products and Partnerships - video, slides
  • CNEX: LightNVM: The Open-Channel SSD Subsystem - video, slides
  • Edgecore: Open Networking Advancements - video, slides
  • Mellanox: OCP Networking Done Right - video, slides
  • Expo Hall Theater: Applied Micro - video
  • Inspur: Inspur Leads Convergence for Open Data Center Projects - video, slides
  • AMD: AMD Naples: Open Innovation for the Software-Defined Era - video
  • Western Digital: The State of the Solid State Drive (SSD) - video, slides