Power Interoperability: The New Standard for Data Centers of the Present and Future

Not much attention is paid to power—until it goes out. In the residential sector, where millions of people are now working and learning from home, losing power is far more than the inconvenience it was prior to the events of 2020. With increased reliance on the internet and connected devices (...)

PCX Corporation and ITRenew have created a turnkey, on-premise Modular Data Center (MDC), specifically designed for mission-critical Healthcare Services.

As open hardware continues to move from hyperscale to enterprise deployments, we are beginning to see new markets evaluate open designs.   One such industry that can benefit greatly from solutions driven by the Open Compute Project (OCP) is Healthcare. Patient and data-centric demands, recent (...)

2020 OCP Tech Week – By the numbers

The week of November 9 we completed OCP TECH WEEK, and we had a wide variety of announcements, sessions and thought-provoking discussions and collaboration. Check the OCP Blog for the latest Project and company announcements as well as deep-dives into some of the topics.   All the presentati (...)

SP Spotlight: Over a decade of providing OCP solutions, a conversation with Hyve Solutions, one of the first SP’s who was there when it all started.

Most companies would like to consider themselves at the early stages of a technology curve or industry movement.  In the case of OCP Solution Providers there is one company who can truly say they were there at the beginning.  Hyve Solutions was one of the original SP’s getting their (...)

Sardina Systems FishOS has now been certified to run on MiTAC’s OCP Inspired™ Tioga Pass servers

The impact of software and specifically, open source software remains a key driver in the decision-making process within Enterprises.   As we look at the OCP market, those companies who are adopting OCP hardware are more likely to be early adopters in the use of software containers, devel (...)