The Latest on OCP Security Project Updates at the Upcoming OCP TECH WEEK

Security has been a growing concern for data centers for several years now. With the evolution of cloud, and with more and more customer data moving to the cloud, the data center has become a major target for hackers, and the level of sophistication demonstrated by the various malicious actors has g (...)

SP Spotlight: A discussion on operating a highly efficient OCP cloud infrastructure using the lowest cost renewable energy in the EU.

Luleå, Sweden is synonymous with amazing natural resources and the largest city in the Swedish Lapland.  It’s also home to a thriving tech community and several OCP members including Hydro66, Facebook, the Research Institute of Sweden (RISE) and the Boden Project. This week’s (...)

SP Spotlight: Starting and growing an OCP business in Europe, an interview with Netherlands based Circle B

The Dutch are well known for being early adopters of new technologies and this mentality extends to entrepreneurs in open source hardware.  This week I chat with Menno Kortekaas, CTO of Circle B, who started his company in 2015 focused purely on OCP solutions.  As our first European headqu (...)

SP Spotlight: Bringing hyperscale infrastructure designs to the enterprise in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia continues to be a high growth market and to capitalize on this growth enterprises are going to need data centers optimized for the new wave of open infrastructure. This week I chat with Darren Hawkins, Founder and CEO of SpaceDC, as he shares his view on the data center market in Sout (...)