What to Expect: 2022 OCP Global Summit Keynotes!

The insights contained in Gordon Moore's now famous 1965 and 1975 papers have accurately described how semiconductor technology scaled performance to meet the fast paced demand for compute resources.  For most of 40 years, Moore’s law was both an accurate predictor of the pace of innovation, and defined the rules of competition for the industry. Eventually clock speeds and transistor count bumped up against the foundry’s capability to build for and manipulate the Laws of Physics and thus, today, hundreds of articles now predict the end of Moore’s law.  


Yet, we continue to scale transistor count, not only as a single device, but as a much larger and much more complex IT ecosystem deployed from cloud to edge. John Gage of Sun was right when he pointed out in 1984 that "The Network Is The Computer."   Moore’s Law is alive and well when restated as a networked and geographically distributed IT ecosystem of integrated circuits, coupled with advanced interconnects. Dies are aggregated and silicon is evolving to be fully aware and optimized for specific workloads, and hosted in well-tuned factories that provide on-demand renewable energy and cooling. This new IT ecosystem is being designed at the crossroads of silicon, hardware, hardware-aware software, and facilities engineering.  


The 2022 OCP Global Summit keynote lineup will provide a view into new and innovative elements of this emerging IT ecosystem, and it couldn’t come at a better time! Demand for cloud resources, partially due to the Cambrian explosion in types of workloads, is outpacing what would have been realized if we relied on the existing approaches. This is all while environmental and security needs are growing at a seemingly exponential rate. Our keynote speakers will share their vision of the data center of the future and how new silicon, memory, accelerators, facilities and hardware-aware software, result in higher levels of performance and security while meeting the demand of increasingly complex workloads and still achieving the vision of a sustainable future.    


You will hear several special announcements the morning of October 18th during the keynotes, followed by three days of engineering workshops, executive talks, a jam-packed exhibit hall, the OCP Summit Experience Center, a special focus optics track, an adopter track showcasing deployments of OCP-recognized equipment and our Future Technologies Symposium. Open collaboration has empowered this Community to deliver the technology for the future.  


The OCP Global Summit is an in-person event only, and all sessions will be recorded and available afterwards. We look forward to seeing you there!


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