SP Spotlight: Building an open infrastructure business in the UK. An interview with the founders of Manchester based Vesper Technologies

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Allan Kaye and Philip Kaye from Vesper Technologies, a Solution Provider based in the UK, about trends in open infrastructure. Not only do Allan and Philip have deep experience in IT, but also a very compelling way of seeing the business value of open har (...)

Artesyn Embedded Power Announces Open Rack Version 3 Power Shelf to Support Open Compute Project and Evolution to 48-Volt Infrastructure

Artesyn Embedded Power announces a new Open Compute Project Open Rack version 3 (OCP ORv3) power shelf, designed to support the move to 48-volt data center infrastructure. Traditionally, data center racks have used 12-volt power shelves, but higher performance compute and storage platforms demand m (...)

Penguin Computing Announces New Tundra AP Offering

New supercomputing platform brings the power of Intel Xeon Scalable 9200 Series processors to an OCP form factor, delivering higher node density, greater power capacity, improved serviceability, and room-neutral cooling.   Penguin Computing Inc., a division of SMART Global Holdings, Inc. (N (...)

Introducing Facebook OCP 200G FR4 Optical Transceiver Specification

As the need for bandwidth continues to increase, Facebook is deploying the next generation of optics which expands capacity and offers a seamless transition from 100G CWDM4 optics currently used in our large-scale data centers. The 200G FR4 OCP specification is based on IEEE 200GBASE-FR4 as defin (...)