2022-2024 OCP Project Leaders Announced!

2022-2024 OCP Project Leaders Announced!

The Open Compute Project (OCP) Foundation would like to thank everyone who voted and all the candidates who participated in the 2022 Project Lead (PL) Elections. We appreciate everyone’s patience as we implemented the new voting process for Project Leads. Many thanks to all the nominees  and also to those who are passing the baton to the new leads. 

We have a limited number of positions but we are constantly adding new work streams and sub-projects. For those who did not make it in this round, we highly encourage you to get involved and lead one of these alternatives. We are successful because of our volunteer leadership and rely heavily on them to help us improve and scale across industries and geographies. 

Here are the transition timelines:

  • Monday, August 1st - New Leads Announced

  • August 4th - August 22nd - Transition/On-Boarding of New Project Leads

  • August 22nd - New Project Leads assume Project Responsibilities

Again a huge thank you to our previous volunteer leaders! Thank you for all that you have done for the OCP Community! Your involvement, expertise and leadership has shaped OCP into the successful Community it is today. We hope to see you at our upcoming Global Summit in October!

  • Networking Project: Omar Baldonado (Meta), Roopa Prabhu (NVidia)

  • Open System Firmware Project: Ryan O’Leary (Google)

  • Rack and Power Project:  Caleb Lusk (Rittal)

  • Security Project: Nate Klein (Google)

  • Server Project: Shailaja Malladi (Microsoft)

  • Storage Project: Dave Landsman (WDC)

  • Telco Project: Marko Hokkanen (Nokia)


Please congratulate the 2022-2024 Project Leaders! These volunteers are dedicating their time and their passion to OCP and are supported by their respective companies. 



Project Leaders

Cooling Environments

Don Mitchell (Victaulic) and Sean Sivapalan (Intel)


Data Center Facility

Brett Lehman (PCX) and Madhusudan Iyengar (Google)


Hardware Management

Hemal Shah (Broadcom) and Bob Stevens (Dell) 



Barak Gafni (Nvidia) and Ravindra Sunkad (Meta)


Open System Firmware

Anjaneya "Reddy" Chagam (Intel) and Jonathan Zhang (Meta)


Rack and Power

Hamid Keyani (Meta) and Steve Moore (Rittal)



Bryan Kelly (Microsoft) and

Jeff Andersen (Google)



John Stuewe (Dell) and Mark A Shaw (Microsoft)



Amber Huffman (Google) and Ross Stenfort (Meta)



Ahmad Byagowi (Meta)



Ripen Checker (Cisco) and Loren Staley (Edgecore)