2021 OCP Global Summit Symposium Results

2021 OCP Future Technologies Symposium Winner
The 2021 OCP Future Technologies Symposium winner is Cloud & Heat Technologies (Leonie Banzer): Pushing the Boundary Conditions of Data Centers Facilitates Innovative Circular Economy Approaches

Click here to read a blog the Cloud & Heat Technologies team put together explaining their paper!

The 2021 OCP Future Technologies Symposium Technical Track winners have also been announced and are listed below:


Hardware Performance & Acceleration:

Power Delivery & Efficiency


2020 OCP Global Summit Symposium Results


Congratulations to the winners of the 2020 OCP Future Technologies Symposium: Ahmed Nabih, Qiang Li and Fred C. Lee from the Center of Power Electronics Systems, Virginia Tech!

  • 3kW Power Supply Design with Easy Manufacturability for 48 V Bus Power Architecture - Poster, Brief

2020 OCP Future Technologies Symposium: Selected Topics

We are pleased to announce the selected topics for the 2020 OCP Future Technologies Symposium! Selected projects will be presented during the Virtual OCP Future Technologies Symposium on May 15, 2020! 

  • Industrial Tech Research Institute: Container-based NFVI Platform with Network Performance Analysis and Tuning for Mobile Edge Private Network - Poster, Brief
  • Alibaba Group: HPCC: High Precision Congestion Control for High-Speed Networking - Poster, Brief 
  • University of Waikato: Using Faucet to Validate Hardware OpenFlow Implementations - Poster, Brief
  • Osaka University: Feasibility study of liquid immersion technology for cooling network equipment - Poster, Brief
  • AIST: Development of Fast Control Plane for an Optical and Electrical Hybrid Switch Network - Poster, Brief
  • University of Toronto: Toward Intelligent Interconnect Fabrics - Poster, Brief
  • University of Southampton: Programmable integrated optical circuits using the open-access CORNERSTONE platform - Poster, Brief
  • UC Berkeley: Hybrid and Resonant Switched-Capacitor Converters: Achieving Ultra Efficient and Compact High Step-Down DC-DC Power Conversion for Datacenter Applications - Poster, Brief
  • Alibaba Group: Distributed Shared Memory Architecture Poster, Brief
  • Inphi Corp: 2.5D Heterogenous Silicon Photonics Light Engine with Integrated DFB Lasers and Electronics - Poster, Brief
  • Industrial Tech Research Institute: Reconfigurable Array of Inexpensive Batteries Architecture - Poster
  • University of Penn./University of Colorado Boulder/Stanford University/University of Central Fl.: Towards peta-bit/s optical links - Poster, Brief
  • Princeton University: LEGO-PoL: A Family of Extreme Performance Miniaturized Point-of-Load Converters for High Current Microprocessors - Poster, Brief
  • Samsung Electronics: Zoned Namespaces: From Archival to I/O Predictability - Poster, Brief
  • Virginia Tech: 3kW Power Supply Design with Easy Manufacturability for 48 V Bus Power Architecture - Poster, Brief
  • Stanford University/Inphi Corporation: Coherent Co-Packaged Optical Interfaces Enabling Next-Generation Data Center Switching - Poster, Brief
  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University: Wide Voltage Range High-Efficiency Sigma Converter 48V VRM With Fast Transient Response - Poster, Brief
  • Alibaba Group: Towards AI-assisted Video Compression - Poster
  • UC Santa Cruz: ReFlex4ARM: Supporting 100GbE Flash Storage Disaggregation on ARM SoC - Poster, Brief
  • HPE/Intel/University of Florida: Near Data Processing Workload Acceleration - Design Space Exploration on Current Architectures and Workloads 
  • Lightbits Labs: Always Available Clustered High Performance Storage with LightOS - Poster
  • Industrial Tech Research Institute: PCIe Network as an Open Inter-Accelerator Interconnect - Poster
  • San Jose State University: A 48-V Point of Load LLC Converter for Data Center Applications using Hybrid Control Structure - Poster
  • Juniper Networks: Manufacture and Test of Photonics within the Electronics Ecosystem - Poster
  • Princeton University: Stochastic Model and Scaling Factor of Differential Power Processing for Hard Disk Drive Servers - Poster
  • North Dakota State University/University of Dayton: A 99.5% Efficient Switched-Capacitor Resonant Converter for Data Center Application - Poster
  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University: High Frequency Isolated Transformer Design for Medium Voltage AC to Low Voltage DC Power Conversion - Poster
  • University of New Hampshire: Validating the Open Compute Project NIC 3.0 PCIe Bifurcation Mechanism - Poster
  • Forced Physics DCT: Cool with Ambient Air to Reduce Cost and Climate Risk - Poster
  • SkyCool Systems: Reducing Data Center Energy and Water Usage Through Passive Radiative Cooling - Poster
  • University of Washington/Columbia University/Microsoft: Integrating Data Center Battery Storage with the Grid: Participation in Frequency Regulation Markets - Poster

2020 Virtual Event: (Re)Designing Collaboration

The OCP Future Technologies Symposium team held an interactive experience: (Re)Designing Collaboration on Tuesday, October 6th, 2020 at 9 AM PDT. Attendees heard keynote presentations from people in academia and industry on lessons learned, effective remote collaboration and practices to respond to crisis. The event had three main objectives:   

  1. Learn - to know how others are adopting and solving the crisis-related challenges

  2. Inspire - to be aware of what are the existing solutions and models to apply in your organization

  3. Collaborate - to understand how our Community members can cooperate to solve the future IT challenges together     


  • Kick-off  -  Allan Smith, Facebook: Video, Slides
  • Meeting the Challenge with Spartan Spirit at Silicon Valley’s Public University  -  David Parent, SJSU: Video, Slides
  • Academia Panel: Video
    • Arvind Krishnamurthy, Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering  
    • David Woolf, UNH InterOperability Laboratory 
    • Tian Gu, MIT  
  • 30 Global Workstreams: Designing Return to Office for Facebook, Inc in 6 Weeks - Allan Smith, Facebook: Video
  • Migrating In-Person Events to Virtual - Jeremy Muir, FNTECH: Video, Slides
  • Conversation with Bill Carter, OCP CTO: Video
  • Pivoting Quickly in a Virtual World - Mitch Glaser, AirBnB: Video
  • Wrap-up - Allan Smith, Facebook, and Lesya Dymyd, 2CRSi: Video, Slides

2019 OCP Global Summit Symposium Results

  • Winner! (Awarded an Oculus Rift.)
    • MIT - Tian Gu - High-performance Polymer Optic and Photonic Devices for Chip-scale Optical Interconnects - Poster
  • Osaka University - Poster 1, Poster 2
  • Princeton - Poster
  • Northwestern - Poster
  • Smith College - Poster
  • UC Berkeley - Poster
  • UC San Diego - Poster
  • UC Santa Barbara - Poster
  • UC Santa Cruz - Poster
  • University of Manitoba - Poster
  • University of New Hampshire - Poster

2019 OCP Regional Summit Symposium Results

  • Winners! (Both were awarded an Oculus Rift.)
    • University of Southhampton: Opxen Access Silicon Photonics Foundry - Brief
    • UT Austin: Collaboration between CPU and Near-Data Accelerators for ML Training - Brief
  • 2crsi: Towards Industrialized Performance and Quality control - Brief
  • High Efficiency Data Center PSU - Brief
  • LiquidBrain: Massively Parallel Liquid Cooling for AI Supercomputing - Brief
  • Osaka University & Fujitsu: Experimental evaluation of cooling performance for liquid immersion - Brief, Video
  • Northwestern University & NCHC: Clonezillafor ONIE - Brief
  • San Jose State University: Computation Aspect of Memristor Memories - Brief
  • Telescent: Automated, Open Meet-Me-Room - Brief
  • IBM: Open Tape for Open Compute - Brief, Paper