2023 OCP Future Technologies Symposium, San Jose

18 October 2023, San Jose, CA

Future Technologies Symposium

Title Speakers
2023 FTS Welcome and Kickoff Lesya Dymyd (OCP) | Allan Smith (OCP) Video  
2023 FTI Updates: AI HW-SW Codesign, Cloud Service Model, Data Centric Computing Allan Smith (OCP FTI) | Weifeng Zhang (Lightelligence) | Sammy Nachimuthu (Intel) | Yang Seok (Samsung) Video  
FTI Announcement: Optics Introduction, CSM Transition Allan Smith (OCP) Video  
Toward scalable and reliable optical compute interconnects Alan Liu (Quintessent) Video  
Unlocking the Full Device Potentials Together - presented by Samsung Sungwook Ryu (Samsung) Video Slides
DC Sustainability: High-Heat-Flux Rack Level Direct-to-Chip Two-Phase Cooling Using Sustainable Fluids Richard Bonner (Accelsius) Video Slides
DC Sustainability: Liquid Cooling for Optical Networking Equipment Behzad Mohajer (Ciena) | Peter Ajersch Video Slides
DC Sustainability: The Circular Data Centre Compass - supporting Sustainability and Circularity in the Data Centre Industry Deborah Andrews (London South Bank University / CEDaCI project) Video Slides
Importance of a Test and Measurement Partner to Accelerate Innovation - presented by Spirent Communications Kevin Chang (Spirent Communications) Video  
Other (Server & Power): A M-CRPS compatible totem-pole bridgeless PFC with re-rush current control and extreme low iTHD Sheng-Yang Yu (Texas Instruments) Video Slides
Other (Server & Power): Active Tuning Control for Practical Implementations of Resonant Switched-Capacitor Converters Rose Abramson (UC Berkeley) | Haifah Sambo () Video Slides
Other (Server & Power): A 1200-A/48-V-to-1-V Switching Bus Converter for Next-Generation Ultra-High-Power Microprocessors Yicheng Zhu (University of California- Berkeley) | Robert Pilawa-Podgurski (UC Berkeley) Video Slides
Network: Ultra low-power, high-density parallel microLED optical links Rob Kalman (Avicena Tech) Video Slides
Network: Ultra-Dense and Ultra-Low Power 16x112-Gbps Linear-Drive Silicon Photonics for ML/AI Peter Winzer (Nubis Communications) Video Slides
Guessing at the future of Generative AI Zaid Kahn (Microsoft ) | Allan Smith (OCP) Video  
AI/HPC: BBCube 3D: Heterogeneous 3D Integration to Provide TB/s Bandwidth with Lowest Bit Access Energy for AI/HPC applications Norio Chujo (Hitachi- Ltd.) Video Slides
AI/HPC: Advanced package technologies for chiplet adoption and memory integration in HPC/AI applications Yan Li (Samsung) Video Slides
AI/HPC: The Future of AI/ML Innovation is Row-Scale Disaggregation Matthew Williams (Rockport Networks) Video Slides
ERA of Core Scaling - presented by AMD Robert Hormuth (AMD) Video Slides
Quantum: Low-Loss Connections to Optical Fibers for Quantum Photonic Integrated Circuits Ryan Vallance (Senko Advanced Components) Video Slides
Quantum: Advances in the Quantum Interconnect Technology Richard Pitwon (Resolute Photonics) Video Slides
Quantum: How to build a Quantum Data Center with Virtual Quantum Processors Karl Rabe (WoodenDataCenter) Video Slides
FTS WrapUp and FTI Breakout Kickoff Lesya Dymyd (OCP) | Allan Smith (OCP) Video  
Exploring Near-Memory Processing Architecture: Design Challenges and Considerations for Programming Models Youngpyo Joo (SK hynix) Video Slides
XPI: Acceleration Programming Interface Pankaj Mehra (Elephance Memory) Video Slides
A Computational Storage Journey: Motivation, Economics, and Consumability Gary Grider (Los Alamos National Laboratory) Video Slides
A Next-Generation DPU-Accelerated Petabyte-Scale Storage Solution to Build Future Data-Centric Datacenters Jungsoo Kim (Samsung) | Dongup Kwon (Mangoboost) Video  
Future Computational Storage Offloads to speed recovery from Ransomware, Malware and other intrusions Tim Fisher (IBM) Video Slides
Protecting data at rest with Computational Storage Scott Shadley (Solidigm) Video Slides
PANEL: Data Centric Computing, Present and Future Hoshik Kim (SK hynix) | Ada Gavrilovska (Georgia Tech) | Pankaj Mehra (Elephance Memory) | Christos Kozyrakis (Stanford) Video Slides
Introduction to the Tech summit theme Rita Gupta (Sony) Video  
Architectural Challenges and Innovation for Compute Infrastructure Co-Design Peipei Zhou (University of Pittsburgh) Video Slides
Scale-up and Scale-out challenges for disaggregated infrastructure Siamak Tavallaei (Independent) Video Slides
Memory Scalability in AI co-design Danny Moore (Rambus) | Taekang Song (Rambus) Video  
Scalability of Memory subsystem Isaiah Weiner (Weka IO) Video  
Modeling Methodology and tools for HW/SW Codesign Tushar Krishna (Georgia Institute of Tech) | Srinivas Sridharan (NVIDIA) Video Slides
Panel: Polymorphic Architecture Meets Large AI Models Brian Hirano (Micron) | Weifeng Zhang (Lightelligence) | Allan Cantle (Nallasway) | Danny Moore (Rambus) | Tushar Krishna (Georgia Institute of Tech) Video  
Overview of the White paper, the Agenda and the Workstream Michael Bortz (OCP) Video Slides
NIC PhotoNICs David Piehler (Dell) Video Slides
Opportunities for Optical Computer Interconnects: A Meta Platforms Perspective Drew Alduino (Meta) Video Slides
Photonics-Based Resource Disaggregation for HPC Georgios Michelogiannakis (LBL/Stanford) Video Slides
Optical CXL Interconnect for Large Scale Memory Pooling Ron Swartzentruber (Lightelligence) Video Slides
Optical Interconnect: Pathways to an Open Infrastructure for AI Matthew Williams (Rockport Networks) Video Slides
The Long Road to Rackscale Disaggregation Bob Wheeler (LightCounting) Video Slides
Energy Efficient Optical Links for PCIE Jeff Hutchins (Ranovus) Video Slides
Scalable Optical I/O for Disaggregated Infrastructure LK Bhupathi (Ayar Labs) Video Slides
High Density Optical Interconnect for the ML Array Edge Karen Liu (Nubis) Video Slides
Multi-wavelength Technology for Scalable and Reliable Optical Compute Interconnects Brian Koch (Quintessent) Video Slides
VCSELs in co-packaged optics for SR applications Vipul Bhatt (Coherent) Video Slides
High Density Low Power Micro-LED based Optical Interconnects for Chip-to-Chip Communications Chris Pfistner (Avicena) Video Slides
Heterogeneous Integration and Linear Optical Engines Radha Nagarajan (Marvell) Video Slides
Panel/Open session/Rump Session Michael Bortz (OCP) Video  
Demystifying In-band and Out-of-band Methods for Hyperscale Fleet Management George Kola (Google) | Anil Agrawal (Meta) Video Slides
Data Center Life Cycle Manageability @ Scale Nirav Shah (Intel) | Scott Ramsey (Dell) Video  
Panel: OCP framework for utilizing ML/AI for at scale fleet management Sammy Nachimuthu (Intel) | Changho Choi (Samsung) | Panos Christeas (Meta) | Robert Chappell (Microsoft) | George Kola (Google) | Rahul Khanna (Oregon State University) Video Slides
OCP Future Technology Symposium Awards Ceremony Introduction by Andy Bechtolsheim (Arista), Presented by Lesya Dymyd (OCP) | Allan Smith (OCP) Video  

2023 OCP Future Technologies Symposium, Prague

19 April 2023, Prague, Czech Republic

AI/HPC and Data Center Sustainability

Future Technologies Symposium

Title Speakers
OCP FTS Kick off & Opening Keynote "The AI Revolution is Upon Us: HPC Implications" Lesya Dymyd (OCP), Allan Smith (Rise Consulting), Allan Cantle (Nallasway) Video  
Quantum-accelerated Supercomputing Laura Schulz (Leibniz Supercomputing Centre) Video Slides
Putting the "work" in network: In-network stream data analytics Monica Chiosa (ETH Zurich) Video Slides
Energy Efficient AI Hardware: neuromorphic circuits and tools Loreto Mateu (Fraunhofer) Video Slides
Could Energy Aware Runtime (EAR) be the European bet for AI/HPC Data Center energy optimization? Julita Corbalan (Barcelona Supercomputing Center/Polytechnic University of Catalonia) Video Slides
"Hot IT" a false economy? The true impact of temperature and location on efficiency Richard Kenny (Interact) Video Slides
Panel: Heat Reuse: Boiler Possibilities Allan Smith (Rise Consulting), Clément Pellegrini (Qarnot Computing), Francois Tournesac (Impleon) Video  
Cloud infrastructure: It has to work, and it has to be sustainable ... Surely this is not impossible! Kenneth Tan (Sardina Systems) Video Slides
Kickoff FTS Technology Demonstrations Lesya Dymyd (OCP) Video  
FTS Technology Demonstrations Clément Pellegrini (Qarnot Computing), Jeroen Burks (Blockheating), Kenneth Tan (Sardina Systems), David Gyulnazaryan (Impleon), Çağatay Yilmaz (Research Institutes of Sweden), Julita Corbalan (Barcelona Supercomputing Center/Polytechnic University of Catalonia), Karl Rabe (WoodenDataCenter), Alan Gibbemeyer (Telescent) Video  

2022 OCP Future Technologies Symposium, San Jose

19 October, San Jose, California

Congratulations to the winners of the 2022 OCP Future Technologies Symposium awards!

OCP Symposium Best Paper  ($10.000 USD) :  DWDM photonics for optical compute interconnects, Alan Liu, Quintessent

OCP Symposium Track Best Paper (Meta Portal +) 

Future Technologies Symposium presentations:

Title Speakers
2022 OCP Future Technologies Symposium Kick-Off Lesya Dymyd (Open Compute Project Foundation (OCP)) | Allan Smith (Meta) Video N/A
Advanced Packaging Platforms and Design Kits for Chiplets Integration in HPC Applications Lihong Cao (ASE Group) Video Slides
Challenges of new product innovation at the IT industry Sungwook Ryu (Samsung) Video Slides
CSM Telemetry Data Sharing Model Panos Christeas (Meta) Video N/A
CSM WG Introduction Murugasamy Nachimuthu (Intel Corporation) Video Slides
CXL-based Memory Expansion and Near Memory Processing Opportunities: A Case Study for Data Analytics Platforms Don Moon (SK hynix) Video Slides
Digital Background Calibration of Time-Interleaved ADCs Using FIR Filters Naim Ben-Hamida (Ciena) Video Slides
DSS - The Open Source [P/T]erabyte Scale Storage Engine for High Bandwidth Applications Mahsa Bayati (Samsung) Video Slides
DWDM photonics for optical compute interconnects Alan Liu (Quintessent) Video Slides
From Start Up to Sustainable Super-computing Company Leonie Banzer (Cloud&Heat) Video N/A
From water consumer to water producer: Modular - ultra-high-dense - direct hot-liquid cooled - sustainable data centers Leonie Banzer (Cloud&Heat) | Jaime Comella (Cloud&Heat Technologies GmbH) | Jens Struckmeier (Cloud&Heat) Video Slides
FTI Project Update: AI HW-SW Co-design Weifeng Zhang (Alibaba) Video Slides
FTI Project Update: Cloud Service Model (CSM) Murugasamy Nachimuthu (Intel Corporation) Video Slides
FTI Project Update: Software Defined Memory (SDM) Manoj Wadekar (Meta) Video Slides
FTS & FTI Announcements Lesya Dymyd (Open Compute Project Foundation (OCP)) | Allan Smith (Meta) | Yangseok Ki (Samsung) Video Slides
Group Scope Proposal Manoj Wadekar (Meta) | Anjaneya "Reddy" Chagam (Intel Corporation) | Samir Mittal (Micron Technology) Video N/A
How HARTING Enables Critical Data Center Technologies Will Stewart (HARTING) Video Slides
Inband Management Agents (IMA) George Kola (Google) Video N/A
Low-Profile High-Efficiency 6kW 400V/48V Three-Phase LLC with Integrated Planar Magnetics Rimon Gadelrab (Virginia Tech (CPES)) | Fred Lee (CPES Virginia Tech) Video Slides
Next-generation Co-Packaged Optics for Future Disaggregated AI Systems Sajjad Moazeni (University of Washington-Seattle) Video Slides
OCP FTS and FTI as enablers of innovation in the OCP Community George Tchaparian (OCP) Video Slides
OCP SDM Project Plan/Discussion/Wrap Up Manoj Wadekar (Meta) Video N/A
Open Compute Heat Appliances Unlocking the sustainable ♻️ decentralized compute ecosystem Jeroen van Bemmel (Exergy) Video Slides
PANEL: Industry synergies on cloud scale infrastructure management challenges and opportunities Mohan Kumar (Intel Corporation) | Panos Christeas (Meta) | Balint Fleischer (Micron Technology) | Chukwunenye Nnebe (Microsoft) | Phil Shafer (Juniper Networks) Video N/A
PANEL: SDM Ecosystem Readiness Anjaneya "Reddy" Chagam (Intel Corporation) | Rekha Pitchumani (Samsung) | Puja Zalawadia (Micron) | Mahesh Wagh (AMD) | Qasim Ali (VMWare) Video N/A
PANEL: SDM Use Cases Manoj Wadekar (Meta) | Renu Raman (Vmware) | Vikrant Soman (Uber) | Samir Rajadnya (Microsoft) Video N/A
PANEL: Why Are We Talking About AI HW/SW Co-Design Again? Allan Cantle (Nallasway) | Yangseok Ki (Samsung) | Danny Moore (Rambus) | Huihuo Zheng (Argonne National Lab) | Kevin Cameron (Cirrus Logic) Video N/A
Parallel microLED-based optical links enable <1pJ/bit energy consumption Christoph Pfistner (Avicena) Video Slides
Polymorphic Architecture for Future AI/ML Applications Weifeng Zhang (Alibaba) Video Slides
Satellite Management Controller Architecture Changho Choi (Samsung) | Bumjun (BJay) Kim (Samsung) Video N/A
SDM Welcome & Kickoff Manoj Wadekar (Meta) Video N/A
Symposium Awards Presentation Lesya Dymyd (Open Compute Project Foundation (OCP)) | Allan Smith (Meta) Video N/A
Symposium Wrap Up Lesya Dymyd (Open Compute Project Foundation (OCP)) | Allan Smith (Meta) Video N/A
Thermal feasibility of the OCP HPC module Çağatay Yilmaz (Lande Rack Cabinet) | Ender Demirel (Design and Simulation Technologies Inc.) | Allan Cantle (Nallasway) Video Slides
Thrifty Workload Planning for Datacenter Sustainability and Efficiency Nik Sultana (Illinois Institute of Technology) Video Slides
TintenFisch: The Multi-brained Datacenter Machine Andres Lagar-Cavilla (Google) Video Slides
Tracking de-multiplexer for uncooled 1.6T-FR8 with backward compatibility Siamak Amiralizadeh (Meta) Video Slides
Use Cases for Software-Defined Tiered Memory and Memory Snapshots Yue Li (MemVerge) Video Slides

2021 OCP Future Technologies Symposium, San Jose

8 November 2021, San Jose California

Congratulations to the winners of the 2021 OCP Future Technologies Symposium awards!

OCP Symposium Best Paper ($10,000 USD)Pushing the Boundary Conditions of Data Centers Facilitates Innovative Circular Economy Approaches, Leonie Banzer et al, Cloud & Heat

  • Click here to read a blog the Cloud & Heat Technologies team put together explaining their paper!

OCP Symposium Track Best Paper (Ray-Ban Stories) :


2020 OCP Future Technologies Symposium

15 May 2020, Virtual conference (due to Covid)

Congratulations to the winner of the 2021 OCP Future Technologies Symposium Best Paper Award ($10.000 USD):  Ahmed Nabih, Qiang Li and Fred C. Lee from the Center of Power Electronics Systems, Virginia Tech.

  • 3kW Power Supply Design with Easy Manufacturability for 48 V Bus Power Architecture - Poster, Brief

2020 OCP Future Technologies Symposium: Selected Topics

  • Industrial Tech Research Institute: Container-based NFVI Platform with Network Performance Analysis and Tuning for Mobile Edge Private Network - Poster, Brief
  • Alibaba Group: HPCC: High Precision Congestion Control for High-Speed Networking - Poster, Brief 
  • University of Waikato: Using Faucet to Validate Hardware OpenFlow Implementations - Poster, Brief
  • Osaka University: Feasibility study of liquid immersion technology for cooling network equipment - Poster, Brief
  • AIST: Development of Fast Control Plane for an Optical and Electrical Hybrid Switch Network - Poster, Brief
  • University of Toronto: Toward Intelligent Interconnect Fabrics - Poster, Brief
  • University of Southampton: Programmable integrated optical circuits using the open-access CORNERSTONE platform - Poster, Brief
  • UC Berkeley: Hybrid and Resonant Switched-Capacitor Converters: Achieving Ultra Efficient and Compact High Step-Down DC-DC Power Conversion for Datacenter Applications - Poster, Brief
  • Alibaba Group: Distributed Shared Memory Architecture Poster, Brief
  • Inphi Corp: 2.5D Heterogenous Silicon Photonics Light Engine with Integrated DFB Lasers and Electronics - Poster, Brief
  • Industrial Tech Research Institute: Reconfigurable Array of Inexpensive Batteries Architecture - Poster
  • University of Penn./University of Colorado Boulder/Stanford University/University of Central Fl.: Towards peta-bit/s optical links - Poster, Brief
  • Princeton University: LEGO-PoL: A Family of Extreme Performance Miniaturized Point-of-Load Converters for High Current Microprocessors - Poster, Brief
  • Samsung Electronics: Zoned Namespaces: From Archival to I/O Predictability - Poster, Brief
  • Virginia Tech: 3kW Power Supply Design with Easy Manufacturability for 48 V Bus Power Architecture - Poster, Brief
  • Stanford University/Inphi Corporation: Coherent Co-Packaged Optical Interfaces Enabling Next-Generation Data Center Switching - Poster, Brief
  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University: Wide Voltage Range High-Efficiency Sigma Converter 48V VRM With Fast Transient Response - Poster, Brief
  • Alibaba Group: Towards AI-assisted Video Compression - Poster
  • UC Santa Cruz: ReFlex4ARM: Supporting 100GbE Flash Storage Disaggregation on ARM SoC - Poster, Brief
  • HPE/Intel/University of Florida: Near Data Processing Workload Acceleration - Design Space Exploration on Current Architectures and Workloads 
  • Lightbits Labs: Always Available Clustered High Performance Storage with LightOS - Poster
  • Industrial Tech Research Institute: PCIe Network as an Open Inter-Accelerator Interconnect - Poster
  • San Jose State University: A 48-V Point of Load LLC Converter for Data Center Applications using Hybrid Control Structure - Poster
  • Juniper Networks: Manufacture and Test of Photonics within the Electronics Ecosystem - Poster
  • Princeton University: Stochastic Model and Scaling Factor of Differential Power Processing for Hard Disk Drive Servers - Poster
  • North Dakota State University/University of Dayton: A 99.5% Efficient Switched-Capacitor Resonant Converter for Data Center Application - Poster
  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University: High Frequency Isolated Transformer Design for Medium Voltage AC to Low Voltage DC Power Conversion - Poster
  • University of New Hampshire: Validating the Open Compute Project NIC 3.0 PCIe Bifurcation Mechanism - Poster
  • Forced Physics DCT: Cool with Ambient Air to Reduce Cost and Climate Risk - Poster
  • SkyCool Systems: Reducing Data Center Energy and Water Usage Through Passive Radiative Cooling - Poster
  • University of Washington/Columbia University/Microsoft: Integrating Data Center Battery Storage with the Grid: Participation in Frequency Regulation Markets - Poster

2020 Future Technologies: (Re)Designing Collaboration

6 October, 2022, Virtual event

The OCP Future Technologies Symposium team held an interactive experience: (Re)Designing Collaboration on October 6th, 2020 at 9 AM PT. Attendees heard keynote presentations from people in academia and industry on lessons learned, effective remote collaboration and practices to respond to crises.

Event objectives:

  1. Learn - to know how others are adopting and solving the crisisrelated challenges due to Covid
  2. Inspire - to be aware of the existing solutions and models to apply in your organization
  3. Collaborate - to understand how our COmmunity members can cooperate to solve the future IT challenges together

Event Materials:

  • Kick-off : Allan Smith, Facebook: Video, Slides
  • Meeting the Challenge with Spartan Spirit at Silicon Valley’s Public University - David Parent, SJSU: Video, Slides
  • Academia Panel: Video
    • Arvind Krishnamurthy, Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering
    • David Woolf, UNH Inter-Operability Laboratory
    • Tian Gu, MIT
  • 30 Global Workstreams: Designing Return to Office for Facebook, Inc in 6 Weeks - Allan Smith, Facebook: Video
  • Migrating In-Person Events to Virtual - Jeremy Muir, FNTECH: Video, Slides
  • Conversation with Bill Carter, OCP CTO: Video
  • Pivoting Quickly in a Virtual World - Mitch Glaser, AirBnB: Video
  • Wrap-up - Allan Smith, Facebook, and Lesya Dymyd, 2CRSi: Video, Slides

2019 OCP Future Technologies Symposium, San Jose

14 March 2019, San Jose California

  • Congratulations to the winner of the 2019 OCP Symposium Best Paper Award (Awarded an Oculus Rift.)
    • MIT - Tian Gu - High-performance Polymer Optic and Photonic Devices for Chip-scale Optical Interconnects - Poster
  • Osaka University - Poster 1, Poster 2
  • Princeton - Poster
  • Northwestern - Poster
  • Smith College - Poster
  • UC Berkeley - Poster
  • UC San Diego - Poster
  • UC Santa Barbara - Poster
  • UC Santa Cruz - Poster
  • University of Manitoba - Poster
  • University of New Hampshire - Poster

2019 OCP Future Technologies Symposium, Amsterdam

26 September 2019, Amsterdam Netherlands

  • Congratulations to the winners of the 2019 OCP Symposium Best Paper Awards (Both were awarded an Oculus Rift.)
    • University of Southhampton: Opxen Access Silicon Photonics Foundry - Brief
    • UT Austin: Collaboration between CPU and Near-Data Accelerators for ML Training - Brief
  • 2crsi: Towards Industrialized Performance and Quality control - Brief
  • High Efficiency Data Center PSU - Brief
  • LiquidBrain: Massively Parallel Liquid Cooling for AI Supercomputing - Brief
  • Osaka University & Fujitsu: Experimental evaluation of cooling performance for liquid immersion - Brief, Video
  • Northwestern University & NCHC: Clonezillafor ONIE - Brief
  • San Jose State University: Computation Aspect of Memristor Memories - Brief
  • Telescent: Automated, Open Meet-Me-Room - Brief
  • IBM: Open Tape for Open Compute - Brief, Paper