SP Spotlight: Over a decade of providing OCP solutions, a conversation with Hyve Solutions, one of the first SP’s who was there when it all started.

Most companies would like to consider themselves at the early stages of a technology curve or industry movement.  In the case of OCP Solution Providers there is one company who can truly say they were there at the beginning.  Hyve Solutions was one of the original SP’s getting their (...)

SP Spotlight: A discussion on operating a highly efficient OCP cloud infrastructure using the lowest cost renewable energy in the EU.

Luleå, Sweden is synonymous with amazing natural resources and the largest city in the Swedish Lapland.  It’s also home to a thriving tech community and several OCP members including Hydro66, Facebook, the Research Institute of Sweden (RISE) and the Boden Project. This week’s (...)

SP Spotlight: Starting and growing an OCP business in Europe, an interview with Netherlands based Circle B

The Dutch are well known for being early adopters of new technologies and this mentality extends to entrepreneurs in open source hardware.  This week I chat with Menno Kortekaas, CTO of Circle B, who started his company in 2015 focused purely on OCP solutions.  As our first European headqu (...)

SP Spotlight: Bringing hyperscale infrastructure designs to the enterprise in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia continues to be a high growth market and to capitalize on this growth enterprises are going to need data centers optimized for the new wave of open infrastructure. This week I chat with Darren Hawkins, Founder and CEO of SpaceDC, as he shares his view on the data center market in Sout (...)

SP Spotlight: Building an open infrastructure business in the UK. An interview with the founders of Manchester based Vesper Technologies

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Allan Kaye and Philip Kaye from Vesper Technologies, a Solution Provider based in the UK, about trends in open infrastructure. Not only do Allan and Philip have deep experience in IT, but also a very compelling way of seeing the business value of open har (...)