Running on OCP: Episode 17 - Deutsche Telekom

Rarely do we get such great detailed insight into how large organizations adopt new technologies. This week I’m extremely lucky to have two members of Deutsche Telekom join me to discuss how they are building their Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform…or “Das Schiff” which means “Ship” using open networking.

Joining me is Vuk Gojnic, squad leader for the Kubernetes Engine at DT along with Marcel Fest, Site Reliability Engineer. They discuss the methodology, adoption curve and how open networking allows for flexibility and scale across a vast set of infrastructures within DT.

It’s another example of how open source software and hardware can accelerate the digital shift within an organzation. Vuk and Marcel are excellent storytellers and I hope you enjoy this week’s episode!

DT has been an OCP Platinum Member since 2016.

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Vuk Gojnic

Squad Lead, Container & Cloud-native Engine Squad

 Vuk Gojnic is a squad leader for the Kubernetes Engine at Deutsche Telekom. Originally a developer, Vuk discovered open source and has been a convert ever since. At Deutsche Telekom, he’s responsible for Das Schiff their Infrastructure as a Service platform built on Kubernetes and other cloud native tools. The platform allows 1000’s of application owners and vendors to securely deploy workloads and other services on-premise, across multiple sites, clouds and at the edge with the standard GitOps operating model.

Marcel Fest 

Site Reliability Engineer

Marcel is a DevOps Engineer building Das SCHIFF at Deutsche Telekom. Main areas he is involved in are Network Design, Monitoring and Lifecycle Management of Platform Components. He joined DT in the beginning of 2020 and has driven the Network Design of the platform since then.