Running on OCP: Episode 15 - LINBIT

One of the most active Projects within OCP is our Storage project and as the growth of structured and unstructured data continues, our Community is focused on designing hardware to meet this demand. However, as we know the hardware is just one part of the equation. Enabling the right kind of storage software on OCP enables agility and rapid scaling.

LINBIT, a leader in Software Defined Storage (SDS), has been working with our OCP Solution Providers to enable their solutions on OCP hardware (Wiwynn’s Bryce Canyon - OCP Accepted™ hardware).

In this week’s episode of Running on OCP, the founder and CEO of LINBIT, Philipp Reisner, joins me to discuss how he came to start LINBIT and how the market for SDS has changed in the last 20 years. He also shared insights into why he continues to see open source as the linchpin for innovation. Philipp and the team at LINBIT understand the value of working within a Community and it’s great to see their collaboration with OCP to deliver fully integrated SDS solutions.

LINBIT has certified LINSTOR, their block management software for containers, on Wiwynn’s OCP Accepted™ hardware. View these solutions on the OCP Marketplace here

View the LINBIT website here


Philipp Reisner is both the CEO and one of the founders of LINBIT. He holds an MSc in Computer Science from TU-Wien, Austria. While graduating from that University, he initiated the DRBD® open source project, which is one of the technologies commercialized by LINBIT. He speaks at Linux and Open Source events occasionally and is an active contributor to the Linux kernel.