OCP Solution Provider STORDIS announces new service and support offerings for open networking!

One of key challenges to OCP adoption identified by recent research from OMDIA is finding the right level of enterprise class support offered from partners.  STORDIS, an OCP Community member and Solution Provider who is focused on open networking, has addressed this challenge by creating new levels of enterprise support.  They have also started to look at ways to build and enable a pipeline of trained resources for future needs among enterprises.


In this article, we will share details regarding how STORDIS is incorporating OCP service and channel support offerings into their core portfolio.


#Open2Support Program

The #Open2Support program is a new initiative by STORDIS that incorporates OCP switches into a comprehensive Service Level Agreement.


An industry first, the STORDIS #Open2Support Service Level Agreements offer comprehensive support, as well as providing hardware advanced exchange, remote hotline support, and on-site support options for OCP networking switches. These services will help to reduce downtimes of the open networking infrastructure. 


STORDIS offers three types of Service Level Agreement (Smart, Advanced and Premium) as an extension to the manufacturers’ standard or STORDIS’ extended warranty on OCP hardware. All Partners are supported by highly qualified specialists from STORDIS or experienced and trained support partners.


Academia and Research Program

It is true that the open networking industry is highly dynamic. The Academia and Research Program is designed with this in mind.


STORDIS believes that research is the backbone for the development of new open networking technologies. They have partnered with high-level students and their mentors to invent and accelerate new ideas while leveraging the functionality and programmability of open networks.


By joining the STORDIS Academia & Research Program, universities benefit from many advantages including discounted prices, access to the latest OCP switches, working with leading manufacturers, training with the P4 platform and support from industry experts.


#Switch2Partner Program

Lastly, the STORDIS #Switch2Partner Program is designed to enable STORDIS partners by providing them with all the necessary tools to grow their OCP business. This channel enablement includes free training, OCP networking demo kits, deal registrations, joint marketing funds, sales promotions, webinars, and world-class support.


The program recognizes partners based on a combination of value and volume and is organized around three partnership levels: Alliance Member, Alliance Performer and Alliance Elite. This provides STORDIS channel partners opportunities for top and bottom-line revenue growth providing OCP networking solutions as a differentiator in the market.


Wrap Up.


STORDIS has increased their commitment by looking at OCP support holistically around open networking. From training new resources in Academia and Research to enabling those current channel partners to better serve the OCP market, STORDIS is always looking to lead with innovative ideas. They are pleased to showcase their solutions on the OCP Marketplace combined with these new support offerings to ensure a smooth transition to open networking.


Visit STORDIS on the OCP Marketplace https://bit.ly/3nBt2Xp

Visit https://stordis.com/