OCP Marketplace Now Offers Open Transport Solutions for 5G Telecom Networks

OCP continues to introduce field-proven integrated solutions to the OCP Marketplace to make it easier for the adoption of open technologies across service providers and enterprises.


The transport network is a part of the network that doesn’t have as much spotlight as the RAN, but is just as important. 5G will enable a network to support 10 times more devices than 4G, but if the transport network is too narrow, this will create potential issues.


UfiSpace’s newest reference architecture is ideal for implementing an open transport network capable of meeting the 5G service requirements. This architecture offers solutions for the transport network from the cell site backhaul to the aggregation and edge networks, all the way to the core network.


The UfiSpace OCP Accepted™ disaggregated cell site gateway provides 100M/1G for legacy, 10G/25G for 5G, and 40G/100G for backhaul. It also provides full support for IEEE 1588v2 and SyncE with multiple timing interfaces (ToD, BITS, 1PPS and 10MHz) to implement timing synchronization with 4G and 5G networks.


Based on AT&T’s Distributed Disaggregated Chassis (DDC) specifications, UfiSpace’s disaggregated open routers, S9700 series provide an incremental, horizontally scalable network. This allows service providers to implement a next generation network that supports 100G and 400G services with the benefits brought forth by an open networking architecture. With UfiSpace’s OCP Accepted™ DDC routers, service providers can plan and build their transport network based on their current capacity and simply add on additional capacity whenever more is needed.


Service providers can now take advantage of this open reference architecture to begin implementing more flexibility in their transport network. These platforms work with a variety of world-renowned NOS with a wide selection of features to choose from. UfiSpace continues to be a very strong OCP Solution Provider, providing integrated solutions to our open networking portfolio.


Visit the UfiSpace Field Proven Open Transport Network for 5G solution on the OCP Marketplace here.


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