A highlight of the Innovation Village at the upcoming 2024 OCP EMEA Regional Summit!

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Added in 2019, the Innovation Village (previously Experience Center) has become an extremely popular attraction in the Exhibit Hall where engineers showcase best-in-class product demos, solution stacks, software and hardware tools, and technologies under development or recently released by the various OCP Projects.

This area gives the OCP Community a venue to showcase OCP-recognized product offerings, discuss Community-authored specifications and emerging technology in the pipeline, while receiving direct feedback from Summit attendees. This is hands-on, engineering lab experience.


Station 1: Time Appliances

sponsored by Meinberg
Participating Companies: Meta, Meinberg, Oscilloquartz

More accurate timekeeping enables more advanced infrastructure management across data centers, as well as faster performance of distributed databases. The Time Appliances Project (TAP) has built and completely open-sourced a dedicated piece of hardware called Time Appliance, which consists of a GNSS receiver and a miniaturized atomic clock (MAC). Users of time appliances can keep accurate time, even in the event of GNSS connectivity loss. The companies at this station are leveraging this technology for a variety of applications.


Station 2: Open Chiplet Economy (ODSA)

sponsored by ASE, Inc.
Participating Companies: Anemoi Software, Fraunhofer, imec, Palo Alto Electron

For the first time at the OCP Regional Summit, a diverse collection of products and prototypes covering chiplet-based products, IP for chiplets and workflow for chiplets, emerging from different corners of the open chiplet economy are on display together.


Station 3: Server

sponsored by Intel
Participating Companies: Intel, Lattice Semiconductor

DC-MHS and DC-SCM modular form factors and ingredients transform server design, provide scale, and improve reuse! See how in the DC-MHS Innovation Village!

Station 4: CMS

Participating Companies: Nallasway, ZeroPoint Technologies

This station is showcasing the latest technologies within the CMS project, including: Architectural enablement using external PCIe cabling, including the cabling ecosystem and interoperability. CXL based solutions driven by the OCP CMS sub-project, demonstrating that these solutions are deployable and that the multi-vendor ecosystem is working to make them scalable. Elastic memory, which takes pooling to the next level with true automation and management across many servers connected to the memory appliance.

QARNOTStation 5: Sustainability

sponsored by Parker and Qarnot
ParkerParticipating Companies: Parker, Qarnot, Wooden Data Center

Experience the innovation in liquid heat transfer and energy reuse at the Innovation Village during the Open Compute Project Regional Summit. Qarnot has developed the QBx modular infrastructure that addresses the challenges of traditional data center construction, such as limited access to electricity, high water consumption, and community resistance. Parker will showcase specialized hardware to offer efficient and sustainable solutions. With a lower carbon footprint, high-performance polymer liquid cooling hardware (quick disconnects, hoses and manifolds) provides highly scalable and automated manufacturing capabilities. Wooden Data Center will be housing liquid cooling solutions in their award-winning wooden rack design made from laminated timber to demonstrate an approach for significant reduction in scope 3 emissions.

The Innovation Village at the 2024 Open Compute Project Regional Summit is home to transformative technologies, where data center professionals can witness live demos and learn about the work in our many community projects. Each station offers a unique perspective on the innovations shaping the data center landscape from advanced timekeeping and the Open Chiplet Economy to modular form factors, liquid heat transfer, and connectivity and memory management. Please take this opportunity to explore, connect, and learn from industry leaders and fellow enthusiasts at the Innovation Village, as we collectively pave the way for a more impactful, efficient, scalable, open, and sustainable data center future.


For more information or if you have any questions, contact rob@opencompute.org.

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