2024 OCP EMEA Regional Summit - Keynote Preview

Kali Burdette - OCP Global Summit 23 - Keynote stageThe entire staff at the Open Compute Project Foundation is looking forward to welcoming the Open Community to Lisbon for the 2024 OCP Regional Summit April 24-25. We know how busy everyone is. We truly appreciate you taking the time away from your jobs and families to join us in Portugal.

We have an impressive lineup of keynotes in store for you. We’ll begin with big ideas from a macro view and then drill down to focus on issues specific to the European data center Community.

And that’s exactly the type of juxtaposition we aim for with our events, so they can both INSPIRE and INFORM. To have you looking to the future while also equipping you with the tangible tools you can apply to the challenges you are facing today.

To achieve our goal to INSPIRE, our keynote speakers will share how AI is impacting us today, and how deployment of new AI enabled silicon shifts beyond the traditional data center. This year’s keynote lineup includes a panel of startup companies who will share how collaboration within the OCP Community has been beneficial, and how one investment partner views the importance of such collaboration in investment decisions. Meanwhile, the European Directives Panel brings together a wide range of folks to share how current and future directives are shaping their plans across Europe. INSPIRE and INFORM - two of our main objectives. But there’s a third leg to the stool that drives all of our event decisions.

The OCP Community is a rich ecosystem of people. From engineers and technology architects to product managers, executives and analysts, the OCP Community is a network of influential decision makers all with one common goal. They come to our events, remove their company hat, put on their OCP hat, and collaborate to deliver solutions for common problems that both accelerates new technology, and furthers their own business needs.

So the OCP Summits are not only designed to INSPIRE and INFORM you, but also to CONNECT you.

We build these events so that you can connect with your peers and share solutions, but also network with those in the industry that you don't yet know. We aim to give you the opportunity to pick their brains and expand your ideas and options to a much broader scope.

Our theme this year is Scaling Innovation through Collaboration. And that perfectly sums up our intent for this Summit. It’s designed to share the big ideas so that they resonate with you (INSPIRE) and give you the knowledge and concrete solutions you need for your business (INFORM). But it's when we add in that third, crucial component (CONNECT) - it's with the collaboration and conversations you have over the next two days, that will bridge the gap between innovative ideas and scalable actions. Our hope is that you leave Lisbon after two days able to take these ideas and creatively apply them to your company and circumstances.

So let's keep that in mind as we gear up for the Regional Summit. Take some time to review the detailed schedule here. Once you have logged in after you register, you can add sessions and build your own personal agenda. Let’s give you a quick breakdown of the Summit features:

Meals included: Coffee, lunch, evening Welcome Reception, with hors d'oeuvres & drinks

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We look forward to seeing you in Lisbon!