SP Spotlight: Starting and growing an OCP business in Europe, an interview with Netherlands based Circle B

The Dutch are well known for being early adopters of new technologies and this mentality extends to entrepreneurs in open source hardware.  This week I chat with Menno Kortekaas, CTO of Circle B, who started his company in 2015 focused purely on OCP solutions.  As our first European headqu (...)

SP Spotlight: Bringing hyperscale infrastructure designs to the enterprise in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia continues to be a high growth market and to capitalize on this growth enterprises are going to need data centers optimized for the new wave of open infrastructure. This week I chat with Darren Hawkins, Founder and CEO of SpaceDC, as he shares his view on the data center market in Sout (...)

SP Spotlight: Building an open infrastructure business in the UK. An interview with the founders of Manchester based Vesper Technologies

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Allan Kaye and Philip Kaye from Vesper Technologies, a Solution Provider based in the UK, about trends in open infrastructure. Not only do Allan and Philip have deep experience in IT, but also a very compelling way of seeing the business value of open har (...)