Announcing the Newly Elected OCP Incubation Committee

The Foundation would like to express a sincere thank you to all those members of the OCP Incubation Committee (IC) who were appointed by the Foundation Board of Directors and served on the IC from it’s inception. These early pioneers and supporters of the project have built the groundwork for how we (...)

Tiered Membership Rollout Status

Hello OCP Community!We’ve received some great feedback on the Open Compute’s tiered membership program. We’ve also received a couple of questions. so I wanted to take a minute to address those now.As you probably already know we designed this project in almost the complete opposite way from most oth (...)

Voting for the IC Begins!

Hey OCPers! Voting Phase in the IC elections begins today. In order to participate in this phase of the election your organization must be an OCP Silver, Gold or Platinum Corporate Member. Silver Members will get 1 voting key, Gold Members will be given 2 voting keys and Platinum Member organization (...)

Testimonial Phase of OCP IC Elections Begins

We made it! OCP is now in the Testimonial Phase of the Incubation Committee (IC) election process. The nomination phase of this election lasted longer than we expected due to the Tiered Membership Program though we are now ready to start the next phase of elections. Tiered Membership has now been ro (...)

Update on OCP Tiered Membership and IC Elections

To All OCP enthusiasts, I’m happy to announce that after months of work Tiered Membership is ready to roll out and members should begin getting custom emails from the Foundation starting Wednesday, April 23rd. All current members have been assessed based on their contributions for 2013 and 1st quart (...)

New members on the Open Compute Project Foundation team

We’re excited to welcome two new additions to the Open Compute Project Foundation staff: Stephanie Loayza and Hugh Blemings. Stephanie Loayza, Events Manager Stephanie has worked in the tech industry as an executive assistant for several years at companies such as Google and Facebook. One of the rol (...)

Incubation Committee Election Process Extended

Timeline We are extending the Incubation Committee (IC) process by two weeks and updating the time for each phase of the IC Election Process to the following: 10 March 2014 - Call for Nominations Starts 11 April 2014 - Call for Nominations Ends 14 April 2014 - Publish list 14 April 2014 - Testimonia (...)

Highlights from OCP Networking Workshop

Following the fifth Open Compute Summit earlier this year, a lot of people in the community are excited about the recent progress in the OCP networking project. At the conference, we held a keynote panel, moderated by Facebook’s Najam Ahmad, discussing how to open up network hardware. We also had ne (...)