Aaron Sullivan of Rackspace to Keynote OCP European Summit 2014

sullivan aaron 02The OCP Foundation is pleased to announce Aaron Sullivan of Rackspace as one of our featured keynote speakers for the OCP European Summit 2014.

Aaron Sullivan is a Distinguished Engineer at Rackspace, focused on infrastructure strategy.  He has been at Rackspace since its start with Open Compute.  He became formally involved in late 2012.  He is Rackspace’s lead architect for the company’s OCP initiatives and platform designs.  Aaron has been serving as an incubation committee member since early 2012, and sponsors the C&I project.  He supported the C&I workgroup team as they built & submitted their first test specifications.  He has also spent some time working with the OCP Foundation as regards updated licensing and other strategic initiatives.

Aaron joined Rackspace's Product Development organization in late 2008.  He moved to Rackspace’s Supply Chain organization in 2010.  He became a Principal Engineer during 2011, a Director in 2012, and a Distinguished Engineer in 2014.

Aaron previously spent time at GE, SBC, and AT&T.  Over the past 16 years, his work has emphasized a variety of technologies, including security, networking, IP telephony, IPTV, distributed systems, storage, and performance research. He also worked on managed-services-oriented MPLS implementations at SBC.  He worked within the engineering group that delivered AT&T’s U-Verse IPTV service, on a nation-wide VPLS network spanning 65 datacenters and much of the continental US.

Registration for the OCP European Summit 2014 is free and open to the public; however, registration is required attend. Those who wish to attend can here.

The OCP European Summit 2014 will be held at  École Polytechnique in Paris, France on 30-31 October. More information can be found at summit.opencompute.org