Open Rack 1.0 Specification Available Now

We've just released the v1.0 Open Rack specification. The new specification documents the evolution of the Open Rack over the last few months since the 0.5 version was published: • Exclusive focus on a single column rack design. • Higher inlet temperature of 35°C, which reflects other Open Compute d (...)

Open Rack Design Guide Available

The Open Rack is the first rack standard that is designed for data centers, one that integrates the rack directly into data center infrastructure. Today we released a design guide for Open Rack. This guide provides specifications and guidelines to show suppliers of IT equipment how they can build s (...)

Deploying OCP Hardware in a Co-Located Facility

Most companies lease space in data centers instead of building their own; this isn't news to anyone in this space. But what might be news is that leasing space isn't a barrier to deploying highly efficient Open Compute Project servers. In fact, there are two ways you can use OCP hardware in a co-lo: (...)

Register Now for the Next Open Compute Summit!

We're excited to announce that we've opened registration for the fourth Open Compute Summit, to be held January 16-17, 2013, at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, Calif.The Open Compute Project is just over one year old, and the community keeps growing, as do the summits. The 2012 sum (...)

Cole Crawford Joins the Foundation as COO

The Open Compute Foundation is excited to welcome Cole Crawford, who has joined the foundation as its chief operating officer. Cole is an industry-recognized leader on cloud and scale computing, and he has been involved with open source since 1992, working for OpenStack and Nebula and advising the L (...)

Tim O'Reilly to Deliver a Keynote at the Open Compute Summit IV

The next Open Compute Summit is less than 4 weeks away! Here are a few things you need to know before the summit starts on Jan. 16: We're finalizing the agenda now and will have a great lineup of keynote speakers, executive sessions, and technical tracks. Tim O'Reilly will deliver one of the keyno (...)

LGE Execs: OCP Foundation's Financial Team

LGE Execs, a firm of seasoned executives that provides interim resources for company transitions, recently started managing the finances for the Open Compute Project Foundation, acting as the foundation's controller and "virtual" CFO. LGE has helped help the foundation structure its financials, work (...)

The OCP Wants You

For those of you who attended the second Open Compute Project Summit can attest, the project has a lot of momentum, and the community has really taken shape. As this is a community effort, we would love to hear what you're doing with the Open Compute Project. How do you plan on implementing OCP tech (...)

After the OCP Summit, Another Chapter Begins

The second Open Compute Project Summit was a resounding success, but that just means we as a community have a lot of work ahead of us to advance the goals and benefits of open hardware. Through a series of presentations by industry luminaries and technical workshops, hundreds of participants came to (...)

Open Rack Spec Available

This morning we announced the Open Rack specification. The open rackuses an all-encompassing design to accommodate compatible Open Compute Project chassis components, and includes the power solution as well as input and output voltage distribution. You can download the spec now fromGitHub. If you're (...)