LGE Execs: OCP Foundation's Financial Team

LGE Execs, a firm of seasoned executives that provides interim resources for company transitions, recently started managing the finances for the Open Compute Project Foundation, acting as the foundation's controller and "virtual" CFO.

LGE has helped help the foundation structure its financials, working on budgets and setting up the non-profit status of the foundation. They are bringing their expertise to the upcoming Open Compute Summit May 2-3 in San Antonio, TX, where they will track expenses and sponsorship funds.

Managing partner Rocky Bullock said they are looking forward to helping out and being part of the cloud computing environment, adding, "it's a great honor to be part of the foundation. It's doing the right thing for the industry. "

Nick Bullock, LGE's operations manager, brings non-profit experience to the table. He has served on the board of the Austin chapter of the Coastal Conservation Association for the past year, and he notes that the foundation is structured similarly. Nick will use his experience to help ensure that the foundation maintains excellent financial health for the long term.