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The OCP Foundation is responsible for fostering, serving and seeding the OCP Community to develop new open solutions that can meet the market and shape the future. In shaping the future, OCP will continue to invest in strategic initiatives that prepare the IT ecosystem for major changes, such as AI & ML, optics, sustainable data center solutions, advanced power management and cooling techniques, composable silicon and sustainability.


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2023 OCP Global Summit

The 2023 OCP Global Summit will be held in person October 17–19, 2023 at the San Jose Convention Center, in San Jose, CA. Our flagship event is in its 13th year and is already shaping up to be our biggest and best ever! Learn more about the OCP Global Summit.

We look forward to collaborating with OCP and its members around the world to drive the development and adoption of further technological breakthroughs intended to deliver an even greater impact for the industry.

Shanyuan Gao, Chief Architect Alibaba Infrastructure Services