Why you must attend the 2023 OCP Regional Summit in Prague!

The OCP Regional Summit schedule is now released and the lineup of speakers, exhibits and workshops are impressive. [https://2023ocpregional.fnvirtual.app/a/schedule] The Regional Summit is not just a repeat of the OCP Summit held in San Jose. It's BETTER. The OCP Regional Summit will bring together EMEA technical and business leadership along with the OCP Community for an enriching experience.

The Summit will be packed with fresh content covering the latest innovations driven by hyperscale DC operators, advances in making data centers more sustainable and latest EMEA deployments of advanced DC equipment. Over the course of two days, you can benefit from hearing about the latest data center and edge computing technology. Keynotes include Hyperscale DC operators Meta, and Google, invited presentations on Quantum computing, the latest products from technology leaders Ampere and Broadcom, and discussions on policy and sustainability.

Don't miss the SONiC Bootcamp colocated with OCP Regional Summit, you can get exposure to one of the market leading network switch operating systems running on open hardware.

Here's are FIVE reasons why you should attend:

#1 130 workshop sessions, 10 tracks.

Data Center Operators, Business Leaders, Facilities Providers, and Engineers will be able to discuss and share ideas on sustainability and the latest hyperscale led innovations with colleagues from across the region and around the world. Don't come here to sit back and listen though, roll up your sleeves and engage in COLLABORATE!

#2 Collaboration starts here!

We don't like crowded spaces with annoying background noise and neither should you! The event team has designed a space to encourage interaction with both exhibitors and attendees. You and many others at an OCP event will share similar scale, efficiency, and business challenges. This event is the meeting place for people to work together and collaborate on common challenges.

#3 A full day covering the creation of an open Chiplet economy.

Specialized hardware is needed to meet the demands of modern workloads, and is driving an evolution in the silicon supply chain from delivering system on chip (SOC) to multivendor ecosystems building systems in package (SiP)s, with “drop in Chiplets” needed for SiP construction. In effect a new Chiplet economy is emerging and will require collaboration and standardizations on multiple dimensions, ensuring that companies are able to interact in an open, efficient and scalable manner. Within the Chiplet economy ecosystem organizations will take different roles, those creating Chiplets, those building SiPs using Chiplets they have sourced externally combined with internally developed Chiplets, and those that provide support for this ecosystem with design tools, test facilities, and professional services. This track will cover end user workloads, provide examples of SiP implementations and innovations for Chiplet security and Health Monitoring.

#4 Hear how META and Google are driving to NET-ZERO emissions.

In addition to keynote presentations from Meta and Google will be dedicated tracks on a broad range of Sustainability topics such as heat reuse, advanced data center cooling, and the circular economy. Engineers and business leaders from across Europe will be presenting new ideas and inviting attendees to join them in collaboration on new projects.

#5 The Future Technology Symposium returns to Europe.

After a successful 2022 Global Symposium in San Jose, CA, it returns to Europe to demonstrate cutting-edge data center solutions from leading innovative organizations in EMEA. The OCP Future Technologies Symposium (FTS) is a dedicated event which spotlights promising future technologies for data centers, identifies future - focused opportunities for OCP and acts as a forum for new R&D collaborations. It brings together the academic, research, industry and startup communities with a purpose to accelerate productization and market adoption of innovative technologies in the OCP Community and data center market. It is a unique opportunity to expose new projects in front of an influential industry audience, from hyperscalers to enterprise adopters to the investor community.

The OCP Regional Future Technologies Symposium will be held on 19 April, during the 2023 OCP Regional Summit and will have presentations and panels in two technological tracks which are AI/HPC and Data Center Sustainability. Attendees should expect keynotes from leading research organizations and promising startups on topics such as the future of AI and HPC, quantum, neuromorphic computing, opportunities for cloud, energy optimization and heat-reuse.

A portion of the program will be FTS Technology Demonstration, a hands-on experience of future technologies in AI/HPC and Data Center Sustainability. For an immersive experience, attendees will be able to interact with live models, physical prototypes, near-to-market solutions, demonstrated at the Symposium. The FTS team would like to invite attendees of the OCP Regional Summit to join the OCP Symposium, on April 19, starting from 13:00 pm.

Check out the schedule, register, plan your travel and check out the sponsors:

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