SP Spotlight: Over a decade of providing OCP solutions, a conversation with Hyve Solutions, one of the first SP’s who was there when it all started.

Most companies would like to consider themselves at the early stages of a technology curve or industry movement.  In the case of OCP Solution Providers there is one company who can truly say they were there at the beginning.  Hyve Solutions was one of the original SP’s getting their start by working closely with Facebook’s infrastructure team in designing and deploying this new wave of open hardware.

This week I chat with Steve Ichinaga, President, and Jay Shenoy, VP of Technology for Hyve Solutions.  They share how they noticed early on the  potential within the hyperscale market and the efficiency of delivering open designs at scale.  We also discuss the impact OCP has had on accelerating technology and Hyve’s move into Edge and AI via their Design Solutions team.

Audio interview with Hyve Solutions - to listen to the interview click here

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Steve Ichinaga - President & Founder of Hyve Solutions and Hyve Design Solutions

Steve officially founded Hyve Solutions, a wholly owned subsidiary SYNNEX Corporation, in 2011. He currently heads Hyve Solutions as well as engineering-focused Hyve Design Solutions, founded in 2019 to deepen and strengthen the team’s total value to hyperscale datacenter customers.

Jayarama Shenoy - VP Technology for Hyve Solutions

With electrical engineering education from Purdue University (PhD) and the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (BS, MS) and through nearly 25 years in the computing industry, Jay has seen and enacted a lot of transformations. With his experience in the semiconductor, systems and hyperscale service provider industries, Jay has a broad perspective on transforming how hardware is designed and deployed.