SP Spotlight: A discussion with Chayora and why OCP Ready™ is a key pillar of their China strategy

Regardless of how analysts try to evaluate and measure the IT market in China they come up with the same result...the market is huge and growing rapidly. Specifically, data center construction is keeping pace with the growing demand for 5G services, explosive volume of online shopping and overall need for data hubs across the country.

In this week’s SP Spotlight, I speak with Chris Miller, Global Client Director at Chayora. Chayora is one of the newest members to OCP and the first data center in China to receive OCP Ready™ certification. Chris discusses the data center market in China and how he sees OCP as a platform to manage growth in China.

You can view Chayora’s Tianjin OCP Ready™ facility on the OCP Marketplace here

Listen to the audio interview here

Chris Miller

Chris is a former British Army officer with a BSc in Information Technology.  From the mid-90’s he ran consultancy services for International Multi-Nationals and for complex IT Service solutions in the Insurance and Financial Services sectors.  Chris has advised on DC Infrastructure Strategies for Government bodies in both Europe and Asia Pacific.  As the Global Client Director, Chris works closely with key customer stakeholders to ensure that Chayora can deliver commercially compelling and technically sustainable DC infrastructure solutions in China.


Chayora Tianjin Campus