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Keynotes - Quantum Quantum Computing is often presented as one of the most promising technologies of the 21st century, that will solve problems that today’s classical computers cannot, a total disruption, a revolution. There are many indications that this technology will move from science experiments in the research lab to an emerging market in the coming years. We are seeing investments in quantum computing across the globe and believe the time is now to begin to set strategy for when the quantum era crosses the chasm and goes mainstream. Recognizing this, the OCP has included two keynote presentations at its regional summit: (1) covering the current platforms for developing a quantum processor, and why the world is thrown into a quantum race (2) use cases where quantum technology can help with mobile network planning. Keynotes Schedule
Chiplets Specialized hardware is needed to meet the demands of modern workloads, and is driving an evolution in the silicon supply chain from delivering system on chip (SOC) to multivendor ecosystems building system in package (SiP)s, with “drop in Chiplets” needed for SiP construction. In effect a new Chiplet economy is emerging and will require collaboration and standardizations on multiple dimensions, ensuring that companies are able to interact in an open efficient and scalable manner. Within the Chiplet economy ecosystem organizations will take different roles, those creating Chiplets, those building SiPs using Chiplets they have sourced externally combined with internally developed Chiplets, and those that provide support for this ecosystem with design tools, test facilities, and professional services. This track will cover end user workloads, provide examples of SiP implementations and innovations for Chiplet security and Health Monitoring. Chiplets Schedule
Deployments Which companies are adopting and deploying OCP solutions in Europe? How are they using these solutions and what benefits are they seeing? The Deployments Track will showcase a group of companies from a wide range of industries sharing their experience including telecoms, service providers and facility operators. End users and OCP Solution Providers will provide detailed insight into the benefits when deploying OCP recognized infrastructure. Deployments Schedule
Edge Applications and workloads are evolving, in parallel with trends such as massive increases in network capabilities, and rapid scaling of connected devices a.k.a. Internet of Things (IoT) / Internet of Everything (IoE.) These trends are forcing evolution in performance and capability at the network edge. For IoT devices, high performance compute capable gateways are needed for offloading of compute intesive applications and advanced sesnor capabilities for example in Mobile Edge Computing (MEC), Augmented Reality (AR) / Virtual Reality (VR), vision and multimedia applications and so on. At the same time, high perfortmance applications from the core or near edge need to move towards the far edge to meet latency, data throughput, and other performance requirements. The OCP Edge Subproject is working on this future with Service Providers, OCP Solution Provders and end users, and will share progress ,and from time to time, provacative takes,  on the road to working through these challenges. Ultimately, if successful, these results will have widespread impacts in technology, the economy and social dynamics. High stakes and drama. Edge Schedule
Sustainability: Cooling Environments Within the Open Compute Project there are sustainability efforts in cooling environments involving increasing thermal management efficiency with liquid based cooling technologies such as immersion and cold plate cooling and heat re-use. Beyond thermal optimizations, data center facilities efforts are working to optimize carbon associated from operations and data center facilities construction, and the manufacturing of IT equipment. The Sustainability: Cooling Environments track at the 2023 OCP Regional summit will highlight the work being done in these areas. Additionally, this track will introduce the latest proposals for the OCP Ready™ program, and provide insight into other facility guidelines and updates. Sustainability: Cooling Environments Schedule
Hardware Management As OCP platforms continue to be widely deployed and adopted, standards based system and hardware management of these platforms is more important than ever before. The Hardware Management track will provide an update on the work being done in both the Hardware Management and Open System Firmware Projects at OCP. We invite you to to attend the Hardware Management Track in order to take advantage of the latest updates and learnings from these two communities. This track will feature presentations from industry experts spanning many areas of system management including Redfish, PCIe Express and Industry SMBus. From the Open System Firmware perspective, the track will provide updates on OSFCI, the latest work on OSF for Intel Xeon-SP, and will introduce the work being done by OCP Platinum member AMD around openSIL®. Hardware Management Schedule
IT Ecosystem: Networking Networking is driving evolution and revolution in the IT ecosystem. Conceptually, it's the central bottleneck in hyperscale (macro) and systems architecture. Furthermore, the rapid scaling of bandwidth is having some side effects such as power consumption for the entire ecosystem to grapple with. There are multiple projects and subprojects tackling aspects of networking, including but not limited to OS (example ONIE, DENT, SONiC etc...), OS layers like SAI, server architectures including PCIe, CXL, etc...,composable structures such as composable memory, compute, etc..., interfaces like NIC cards, network switches, copper cable enhancements like Active Electrical Cables (AEC), connector/cable requirements, optical including Co-Packaged Optics/Near Packaged Optics, Pluggables, Linear Drive etc.. and interconnect development. Networking is the heart of other efforts in other groups, such as dissaggregation, Cloud, everything as a Service (xAAS), social networks and on and on. Come join reporting from the front lines that are key to pushing through challenges and extending the frontiers of a fundemental aspect to modern life.  IT Ecosystem: Networking Schedule
IT Ecosystem: Server & Storage The need for more performance from computational infrastructure continues to accelerate with workloads becoming more demanding and diverse, and needing to operate on large data sets. The OCP community led by hyperscale data center operators are making important advancements on how we design servers bringing in levels of disaggregation, or modularity, that impacts designs at all levels including the server, interconnects and within the silicon itself. This allows for better matching the computational infrastructure with the demands of the application pushing an important new dimension in which the OCP is investing, hardware - software co-design. In addition the modularity in design allows for re-use of components and diversity of supply chain which will continue to be an imperative moving forward.  This track will cover some of the latest innovations in modular servers, movement of data between tiers of memory enabled by CXL,  IT equipment ready for liquid cooling, and storage systems. IT Ecosystem: Server & Storage Schedule
Security Security, data sovereignty privacy, authenticity and identity are fundemental requirements for a safe and inclusive system's architecture and society, for that matter. Absolutely essential that infrastructure and services are trusted.  As networking has advanced, complexity has increased and as a result, so has the attack surface area. Security is multi-faceted, much like sustainabiility, we cannot do one thing and consider the job done. it requires changes in thinking, in Hardware and Software development, design, implementation within deployed element(s) and on going operations including monitoring, reporting and maintenance. The OCP Security Project tackles a wide area of issues and has very compelling results to share. Come join this track and learn the latest in security for open systems.  Security Schedule
Sustainability: Heat Reuse/Circular Economy To match the specific requests of our audience in Europe and in response to the feedback of our recently announced sustainability initiatives, the Sustainability Track at the 2023 OCP Regional Summit will be expanded to two separate tracks, Heat Reuse & Circular Economy and Cooling Environments. In the Heat Reuse & Circular Economy track, audience members will learn about new metrics to drive change, the challenges, and the latest innovations in capturing waste energy and extending the useful life of hardware that has been historically discarded. The agenda includes examples of carbon-reducing solutions currently deployed in data centers and feedback from the operators who use them, new metrics that aim to better capture the environmental impact of the technology we use, and the benefits and required changes to extend the useful life of IT hardware. Sustainability: Heat Reuse/Circular Economy Schedule
Facility The Facility Track will focus on the ever expanding requirements of the Data Center physical infrastructure. As OCP increases it's focus on sustainability and modularity, the community continues to adapt to the needs and requirements of the end user. With data demands at an all-time high, the industry is constantly scrambling for ways to solve the ultimate problem brought on by the critical influx of data. Facility Schedule
Future Technologies Symposium OCP Future Technologies Symposium (FTS) is back in Europe! It's a must-attend event which spotlights promising future technologies for data centers, identifies future-focused opportunities for OCP and acts as a forum for new R&D collaborations. To accelerate productization and adoption of new technologies, we bring together people and best-in-class talents from academic and research, industry, startups and venture organizations. The 2023 Regional Symposium will consist of curated presentations on the future of AI/HPC and Data Center Sustainability from leading European organizations. A portion of the program will be FTS Technology Demonstration, a hands-on and immersive experience of future technologies with live models, physical prototypes, and near-to-market solutions. Join us in building the future of OCP! Attend the OCP FTS on April 19, at 1:00 pm. FTS Schedule
Unlocking Open Networking and Experiencing the Real-Life Value of SONiC - workshop hosted by STORDIS In a few short years, SONiC has become one of the major players in the field of data centers and hyper-scalers and is now poised to become just as dominant in the telco, enterprise and SMB domains. Join STORDIS as they introduce the benefits of using SONiC as your NOS of choice in the enterprise environment. STORDIS will highlight the differences between SONiC vs Enterprise SONiC, will guide you through the initial steps of installation, manual & automatic configuration options, and how you can monitor your network using the opensource solution MONSOON. They have guests from Deutsche Telekom, who have already made the jump to using SONiC, to talk about their experience. Technical experts from Broadcom, Weaveworks and Credo will be on hand to discuss a specific end-to-end observability solution for drop monitoring, explain how the community can take advantage of open-source collector software and how GitOps principles can be applied to networking - enabling self-service and on-demand change for platform users without sacrificing efficiency or security, and a new and unique way to manage Dual ToR with smart Cables to increase your network reliability. They look forward to seeing you there! Full Workshop Schedule
Content Highlights by Bijan Nowroozi, OCP CTO In the spirit of Empowering Open, this year the Open Compute Project (OCP) Foundation took big steps to evolve OCP regional summits. Our goals are to more effectively incorporate our new sustainability tenet across all of our projects, to deliver a world class conference experience in an environment where our community was facing economic headwinds, deliver amazing and unique engineering workshops with a focus not only on hyperscale innovations but deployment experiences, policy and innovation from our EMEA Community. Read More
5 Reasons to Attend the OCP Regional Summit" by Bill Carter, OCP Fellow Emeritus
  1. Nearly 80 Workshop Sessions over 10 tracks
  2. Collaboration Starts Here
  3. A full day covering the creation of an open Chiplet ecomony
  4. Hear how META and Google are driving to NET-ZERO emissions
  5. The Future Technology Symposium returns to Europe
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