Parler Cloud Technologies Pre-Integrated Kubernetes on OCP

Parler Cloud Technologies offers a seamlessly integrated Kubernetes environment deployed on recognized Open Compute Hardware, catering to the diverse needs of modern IT operations.


By leveraging the power of MiTAC hardware, we deliver a fully operational, integrated solution primed for private/public cloud deployments, allowing your organization to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving tech landscape.



  • Seamless Integration: A pre-integrated Kubernetes infrastructure software stack
  • Versalite Workloads: Support both Virtual Machines (VMs) and Containers
  • Efficient Management: Utilizes Rancher for multi-cluster management
  • Cloud-Native HCI: Employs Harvester for cloud-native hyperconverged infrastructure
  • Robust Storage: Includes Longhorn for comprehensive storage management
  • Ready-to-Deploy: Utilizes MiTAC OCP recognized hardware for best performance
  • Enhanced Security: NeuVector ensures robust security for the entire infrastructure
  • Isolation and Multi-Tenancy: Provides dedicated Kubernetes clusters or VM per tenant atop the main cluster

Product Information

  • Model #: Parler Cloud Technologies Pre-integrated Kubernetes on OCP

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