Wiwynn Yosemite V2 Server

Flexible and high-density 4U16Node OCP server for computing-intensive applications

The Yosemite V2 Platform represents a cutting-edge multi-node server platform that accommodates four One Socket (1S) server cards compliant with the Open Compute Platform (OCP). Alternatively, it can host two sets of 1S server card and device card pairs within a sled. This sled is specifically designed to fit into an OCP vCubby chassis, a new 4OU form factor that addresses thermal challenges and facilitates easier servicing for higher-power 1S servers and device cards.

Product Information

  • Model #: SV7100G2

Contribution Information

Server Specifications: View full specification and design collateral details

Solution Providers

Circle B
Celeris Informatique
Atlancis Technologies
ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation
Vesper Technologies