Axiado 1U Smart SCM (DC-SCM 2.0)

Axiado's Smart SCM card is an implementation based on the OCP DC-SCM Rev2.0 Ver1.0 Base Specification. The SCM card allows connection to different single-node and dual-node configuration HPM platforms providing a common server management and security solution across different platforms.

The SCM card is powered by Axiado AI-driven, hardware-anchored Trusted Control/Compute Unit (TCU), which when loaded with a compatible OpenBMC firmware, provides a rich set of common features necessary for remote server management. In addition, a PRoT solution provides secure firmware authentication, firmware recovery, and firmware update capability.

A set of AI engines that can be programmed for ML inferencing to capture side-channel attacks and anomaly detection. The highly-integrated functionality of the TCU enables 1U vertical form factors, currently unseen in the DC-SCM-enabled ecosystem.

Product Information

  • Model #: Axiado 1U Smart SCM (DC-SCM 2.0)

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