Jtec Dual Bay Data Server Cart - ORv2, ORv3 Compatible

The ACLD-2442-70 (Autonomous, Cart, Lift, Dual Bay- 24" x 42" - 7,000 lbs. total capacity).

With an electric lift mechanism, it raises server racks 1 inch above the ground, and an all-electric Quad-steer system enables precise trailering in tight spaces. Equipped with vertical LiDAR safety sensors, it ensures protection for both the cargo and its surroundings.

The cart seamlessly integrates with any AGV, drawing 24V power from the AGV unit via a rear-mounted hitch control. Its universal design accommodates ORv2 & ORv3 server racks, presenting a comprehensive solution for Safe, efficient, and secure server rack logistics.

Colocation Information

  • Model #: Dual Bay Server Rack Cart: ACLD-2442-70

Solution Providers

Jtec Industries