Borealis Data Center - B52 (Blönduós, Iceland)

OCP Ready™ Facility Borealis Data Center Building 52.

B52 is a building with direct air cooling and flexible setup of single or dual power feed, with or without UPS and/or backup power. Any configuration can be arranged. 

Fully integrated OCP racks can be brought and set up from loading bay to data hall with step free, ramp free access and no elevators.

Borealis Data center is a high-performance, high availability data center that offers Colocation services and HPC services for a wide variety of clients that require secure and reliable IT services. With excellent connectivity via four subsea fiber optic cables and 100% uptime, we help our clients maintain a robust and efficient service level all year around.

Borealis operates three first-class sustainable data centers in Iceland. Our Blönduós DC offers OCP ready facilities with stable long-term energy contracts at affordable prices in one of the most secure locations in the world, right between Europe and North America, two of the world’s key markets. We offer EU Green Deal compliancy from day one while reducing CO2 emission for our clients by up to 98%.

The Blönduós DC facility is directly connected to the high voltage transmission system with a 63 MW+ connection to the adjacent substation designed to a Tier 3 equivalent, offering redundant 100% power availability SLA. The data center is fed by two separated regional grid connections with independent connections to separate transformers.

The ultra-efficient facility uses 90% less energy on operational overheads than the average EU data center with a PUE as low as 1.06 compared to EU’s average PUE of 1.55

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  • Model #: Borealis Data Center Hall B52

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