Voting for the IC Begins!

Hey OCPers!

Voting Phase in the IC elections begins today. In order to participate in this phase of the election your organization must be an OCP Silver, Gold or Platinum Corporate Member. 

Silver Members will get 1 voting key, Gold Members will be given 2 voting keys and Platinum Member organization will be given 3 voting keys.  These “keys” are tied to individual email addresses and can not be transferred.

We have seven seats on the Incubation Committee (IC) that are available for this election cycle.  Only 2 seats will require a vote.  Those seats are Networking and Hardware Management. That means that individuals who are given the keys to vote will only be voting for those 2 seats.

Seats that require a vote and their candidates:

Hardware Management




The winners of this election will be joining the following IC members:


Between today and June 20th keys will be sent to those individuals within the organizations who qualify. If you believe you or your organization should have received an email asking who the voting keys should be sent to and have not please email us.

You can find out more information about the IC election process on the OCP wiki.

The new IC will be announced on 23 June. Once again we extend a HUGE thank you to the commitment and dedication of all the nominees and members of our community!!



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Cole Crawford
Executive Director