Tiered Membership Rollout Status

Hello OCP Community!

We’ve received some great feedback on the Open Compute’s tiered membership program. We’ve also received a couple of questions. so I wanted to take a minute to address those now.

As you probably already know we designed this project in almost the complete opposite way from most other non profit Foundations and this is, in our opinion, the right way to do it.  We want to reward contributions that come from time and intellectual property more than the money our community donates. This is why when you contribute time and IP the OCP Gold membership is less expensive than Silver and Platinum is less expensive than Gold.

In our world the community project leads are the most critical as they are the touchpoint and the guides and gatekeepers into the various technology verticals the Foundation governs.

We are in the final stages of rolling out Tiered Membership and while the IC nomination phase has passed the Project Lead nominations are coming up and we want you to be able to run, nominate and vote for those that will carry the torch forward.  Keep in mind that you MUST be a Silver, Gold, or Platinum to vote for the IC and you must be a signed as a member either individual or corporate member and have a profile on the website to vote in the project lead elections.  More information on how to register an account can be found here.

The above being said we are extending the voting phase of the IC elections until Friday 27 June and we will announce the new IC on 30 June.

We have documented the benefits of membership here and as always don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

Looking forward to seeing everyone in the Fall @ OCP EU Summit!


Keep Hacking,

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Cole Crawford
Executive Director