This Journey 2% Finished

Wow! I can honestly say that 2 years ago I never thought I'd have the privilege of announcing the Open Compute Project's second anniversary. It's been an incredibly productive two years. We've done astounding things and we're just getting started.  In the past year, the Foundation has:

  • Hired its first FTE (me)

  • Initiated a new project (Compliance and Interoperability)

  • Repurposed Virtual IO (Now Disaggregated IO)

  • Signed up additional solution providers

  • Held a staggeringly large January summit,

  • Held its first international event in Hong Kong, and

  • Launched the engineering summit program!

Unbelievable and only possible because of the great community that we've built together.  A wise person once said that open source projects live and die by their communities. If the past two years has been any indication, we are headed in the right direction!

As we continue to work together to grow our community and complete our mission of transforming the data center while truly democratizing the server, the Open Compute Project is both humbled and inspired by the many new paths that lay ahead.  Please join me in wishing the Open Compute Project a happy anniversary. Many thanks to all of you who work to make it one of the best open source projects around!

Cole Crawford
COO - Open Compute Foundation