The Open Compute Project Foundation Welcomes Sims Lifecycle Services as a Platinum Member

The Open Compute Project Foundation (OCP) announces today that Sims Lifecycle Services (SLS), a global leader in IT asset disposition, data center IT circularity and electronics recycling, is joining the OCP Community as a Platinum member.

The OCP is a rapidly-growing, global Community focused on sharing designs of data center products and best practices among companies. OCP encourages collaboration of ideas, specifications and other intellectual property, as a way to maximize innovation and reduce complexity in tech components for data centers.

SLS plays a key role in helping data centers manage ongoing technology shifts, and proactively develops solutions for emerging data center technologies. As a Platinum member of the OCP, SLS will contribute thought leadership, participate in knowledge sharing and will collaborate with hyperscale data centers to advance and extend the life of data center IT assets.

“As data centers around the world are powered by low carbon-producing energy sources, IT equipment represents a significant percentage of the overall carbon footprint. Recycling alone is not sufficient to reduce carbon released during the projection of this equipment. We must move quickly and embrace a circular economy that extends the useful life of the equipment. The Open Compute Project is already taking steps to do this. Having global partners on this journey is imperative to redistribute these assets. SLS will play a strategic role in this transformation to a circular economy and to reducing the carbon footprint of cloud computing,” stated Bill Carter, Chief Technology Officer for the Open Compute Project Foundation.

“We believe our work with hyperscale data centers around the globe can be instrumental in advancing and improving circular efforts in the industry,” stated Sean Magann, chief commercial officer for Sims Lifecycle Services. “As a Platinum member of OCP, our expertise will help identify opportunities to extend the usable life of IT equipment while ensuring necessary hardware and security requirements are fulfilled. Some of our work will involve building white box servers for data centers as a way to provide components to server buyers with less rigorous needs; and additionally, testing and identifying if hard drive wiping can be as effective as shredding for data security. These types of initiatives open the door to more reuse possibilities and we look forward to contributing to these efforts.”

About Sims Lifecycle Services

Sims Lifecycle Services (SLS), rebranded from Sims Recycling Solutions, provides solutions to extend the life of IT and electronic devices, and the company recognizes the value in end-of-life electronic assets, components and materials. SLS supports Fortune 500 companies in navigating ongoing technology shifts by securely and responsibly managing the disposition of IT equipment and recycling of electronic products. SLS works with enterprises and major cloud providers to deliver decommissioning of corporate IT assets and data center equipment.

IT asset disposition (ITAD) and electronics recycling services offered at SLS support the evolution of the electronics industry movement toward circularity. SLS clients benefit from data security, maximum IT value recovery, global compliance and sustainable IT use. As a responsible corporate citizen, and in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, we continuously seek new ways to contribute to the circular economy. For more information, visit