Ronald Minnich (Google) & Gundrala Goud (Microsoft) named Project Leads for the OCP Open System Firmware Project

The OCP Foundation is excited to announce that Gundrala "Devender" Goud (Microsoft) and Ron Minnich (Google) have been selected to serve as the Project Leads for the OCP Open System Firmware Project.

Bill Carter, OCP CTO will serve as the interim Incubation Committee representative.

For more information on the  OCP Open System Firmware Project or to find out how you can get involved, please visit the Project page, or join the project mailing list.


Gundrala Goud

Gundrala "Devender" Goud is currently an Engineering Director at Microsoft, Redmond campus and he is responsible for providing UEFI FW solutions for MSFT Cloud Fleet. Prior to joining Microsoft, Devender worked at Intel in Data Center Group for 17+ years and held various technical leadership positions, in the areas of Xeon/Itanium silicon based 4Socket/2Socket Server Product Solutions (HW/SW/FW) development and IA based silicon tools SW development. His education background includes MSEE and EMBA(Executive MBA) from UW, Seattle. He also holds 10+ patents in the areas of software, firmware, enterprise & blade server technologies.


 Ron Minnich

Ron Minnich  Ron Minnich is a Software Engineer at Google. He has been writing firmware for 40 years, starting with the z80 and 6800. He's also a long time contributor in the Unix, BSD, Plan 9, and Linux communities. He started the LinuxBIOS project in 1999, which was renamed to coreboot in 2008 and is now used in tens of millions of Chromebooks. His most recent effort, LinuxBoot, is now part of the Linux Foundation and aims to bring the benefits of a full Linux kernel to several firmware environments, including coreboot, u-boot, and UEFI.