Open Compute Project Foundation Issues New Guidelines for Inclusiveness.

Terminology that could be considered offensive will be eliminated from all materials.

Open sourcing has been gaining momentum and acceptance for decades among organizations of all sizes, from hyperscalers to start-ups, software and hardware, all reaping the benefits of accelerated innovation when we share and work together. However, some legacy terminology still exists in some methodologies that are offensive, such as “Master/ Slave” relationship, referring to software or firmware control over device sets, and “White List/ Black List” referencing acceptable/ unacceptable and trustworthy/ untrustworthy components.

This change will affect all material or presentations shared during project calls, workshops and events, and the preferred terminology shall be applied to all documentation, specifications, white papers and presentations, including Schematics, Hardware, Software / Firmware, and Datasheets / Documentation.

The OCP Terminology Guidelines for Inclusion and Openness can be found here.