OCP SP Spotlight, an interview with Joe Knepp, Co-founder & CTO, Jtec Industries

One of the most interesting and exciting growth areas in the OCP supply chain has been those solutions which enable the deployment of OCP recognized hardware.

Data center automation has been an increasing focus for the Community and we’re very fortunate to have Jtec, one of the leaders in the material-handling industry, as an active OCP Solution Provider. 

In this OCP Spotlight, I chat with Joe Knepp, co-founder and CTO, of Jtec Industries. 

Jtec has developed an automated rack movement system, comprised of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) and ORV2/ORV3-Compatible Server Rack Carts. 

Joe does a great job of sharing the challenges in moving racks around the data center and how Jtec is working with hyperscalers to align with OCP specifications.

You can view their solution on the OCP Marketplace here

You can read their very popular OCP blog: “Overcoming Challenges for an Automated Rack Movements in data center facilities

View the Interview on YouTube!

Joe Knepp Bio

Joe KneppJoe Knepp is co-founder & Chief Technology Officer at Jtec Industries, where he is responsible for driving the company’s autonomous material movement solutions.

Joe has over 20 years of industry experience, holds four patents and is the driving force behind Jtec’s emergence as a leader in materials movement solutions. Prior to starting Jtec, Joe held various roles in manufacturing and systems engineering at Caterpillar and Rockwell Automation. His pioneering work and influential network underscore his reputation as a leading innovator in the industry.

Joe has a BS in Manufacturing Engineering Technology from Bradley University.