OCP is pleased to announce that Wiwynn joins the ecosystem of suppliers for the OCP OpenEDGE project.

The OCP OpenEDGE project delivers compute, storage, connectivity, and acceleration hardware in a package optimized for far edge deployment. With the leadership and support of Nokia and AT&T, the project released the initial enclosure specification at the OCP Global Summit in March, 2019. The enclosure specification details interchangeable sleds (both 1U and 2U in height), power supply modules, and a hardware management sled for remote access, control, and telemetry.  An open sourced mechanical and electrical design package is available today for the 19” EIA compatible, 430mm deep enclosure. This small footprint allows the OpenEDGE chassis to be used in small outdoor cabinets, and the high energy efficiency, together with low power consumption allows use in harsh environmental conditions.

The OpenEDGE project will also release a hardware management specification, based on the DMTF Redfish open standard, that will assure vendor interoperability and integration of sleds into these enclosures. In conjunction with the OCP OpenRMC (Rack Management Controller) project, an open source repository will be available.  


The Open Compute Project Foundation and our eco-system partners are engaged with the open source software communities and several software providers to deliver an open, interchangeable, and managed hardware platform for EDGE deployment which delivers optimum performance for latency sensitive applications.


OCP will be hosting its Regional Summit in Amsterdam, Netherlands 26-27 September, 2019 where a dedicated workshop track on EDGE will be conducted. This year’s regional summit will  highlight an EDGE Experience Center where attendees will see some of the applications of this EDGE architecture and the building block product offerings.


Wiwynn will live demo of the EP100 with NFVi feature at the upcoming OCP Regional Summit in Amsterdam, and publish a whitepaper on NFVi performance.


See a video of the EP100 here