OCP HPC Seat - Run-Off Vote

The vote for the OCP HPC project lead seat resulted in a tie between Devashish Paul of IDT and Thomas Sohmers of Rex Computing.

The Foundation sent out 395 keys and of those 50 people voted.  Both Devashish and Thomas received 25 votes each.

Screen Shot 2014-08-23 at 10.44.46 AM.png

Because this vote resulted in a tie, the Foundation will open a run-off poll starting at noon CT on Tuesday, 26 August.  The run-off poll will remain open until noon on Friday, 29 August.  We will email the 395 people who received keys in the original poll today and let them know about the run-off poll. On Tuesday, 26 August the keys will be resent.

At this time, no new keys will be added.  If you did not get your profile added before the cut-off for the first poll, you will not be eligible to vote in this poll.

We will announce the winners by 5pm CT on Friday, 29 August.

Many thanks and best of luck to both Devashish and Thomas in this OCP HPC run-off election.