OCP Community Manager Amber Graner Joins SnapRoute, Foundation Seeks to Fill This Important Role

Amber has worked tirelessly with the Foundation volunteer leaders, members, project participants and the OCP team to deliver on its promise of creating a collaborative environment that fosters innovation in the datacenter industry.

The community has flourished under Amber’s guidance through membership, project participation, IP contributions and adoption of both OCP Hardware and Software.

  • There are now 9 top level projects and 9 subprojects
  • Membership has grown to over 200 organization members
  • There are 23 mailing lists with more than 5,500 subscribers
  • Our Facebook group has grown to more than 9,000 members
  • There are 9 Foundation employees

“OCP could not have achieved the momentum and success that it has without Amber’s unending commitment to creating a truly open and collaborative community,” stated Rocky Bullock, CEO for the Open Compute Project Foundation.

Through her strong will and determination, and uncompromising commitment, the OCP Community is now looked at as a shining example of how to effectively build an open community that can truly foster innovation for the better. Our membership, governance and process models are seen as a game changer to the way open communities are being managed and governed.

"’Thank you’ to my teammates, the community leadership team and to the community. Without each of you supporting and participating the OCP Community would not be what it is today.  Together we’ve grow one of the most awesome open communities in, near and around the data center ecosystem. I am honored to have gotten the opportunity to work and collaborate with each over you over past 3.5 years. It’s been one heck of a ride!” stated Graner.

Amber will remain an Advisor to the OCP Foundation, and continue participating in the networking group in her new role as the Community Manager for SnapRoute. She will continue to serve the Foundation until May 1, 2017 to ensure a smooth transition.

The Open Compute Foundation is currently seeking to fill the position of Community Manager, in order to build on the momentum created in this critical role. Referrals and candidate submissions can be sent to Rocky Bullock at rocky@opencompute.org.