OCP Announces New Membership Model, Launching in 2024

The Open Compute Project (OCP) Community consists of hundreds of diverse organizations and thousands of individuals from various industry backgrounds and specialties. As our Community grows, we are committed to evolving and optimizing how we work together to best serve our Members. One aspect we've closely considered, based on Community feedback is our membership structure. While our existing membership model incentivizes contributions through an inverse pricing strategy, it's challenging to maintain as our membership expands. To address this, we are transitioning to a more streamlined model.

The OCP Foundation is also excited to highlight the introduction of a new tier of membership available to startups. More information on the startup membership tier can be found here.

New model, launching January 1st, 2024

  Startup Community Silver Gold Platinum
  OCP Start Up program OCP Open Community OCP Silver OCP Gold OCP Platinum
Cost Available on demand $5K $25K $40k $50K
Exclusive Leadership Plenary Seat        
Exclusive Media/Analyst access at Summits      
Communication amplification  
Global & Regional Summit Discounts Available on demand   7% Discount 10% Discount 15% Discount
OCP Solution Provider Program Access

Marketplace Access/Analytics/Insights
Available on demand $5,000 OCP Solution & Colo Solution Provider OCP Solution & Colo Solution Provider OCP Solution & Colo Solution Provider
Leadership Eligibility (1) full Project Lead position (1) full Project Lead position Eligible for all volunteer lead positions, no more than 15% per type Eligible for all volunteer lead positions, no more than 20% per type Eligible for all volunteer lead positions, no more than 25% per type
Eligible to recieve OCP Certification marks
OCP Accepted
OCP Inspired
OCP Ready
OCP Experience Center

Notable Changes

The OCP Solution Provider & Colo Solution Provider Program is now included with Silver, Gold or Platinum membership. For Gold and Platinum members, the OCP Foundation is introducing a media and analyst program, designed to provide direct access to industry analysts and media members prior to the OCP Global and Regional Summits. Platinum members will also be eligible to participate in a new biannual leadership plenary, giving them unprecedented access to the OCP Board of Directors.

Any sponsorship contracts signed between now and the new model taking effect will reflect the current summit sponsorship discounts. Contracts signed after January 1st, 2024 will reflect the discounts of the new membership model.

If you have any questions about this new membership model, or would like to explore the membership options best suited for your organization, please contact membership@opencompute.org.