OCP 2018 - 2020 Project Lead Elections - Results

The Open Compute Project (OCP) Foundation would like to thank all those who participated in our election process for the 2018-2020 term. The OCP Foundation and community is effective because our members give  their time and talent to help promote open solutions. Each volunteer leader plays an important role in our community - from the adoption of OCP gear to increasing the quality of incoming contributions to fostering an environment of openness and collaboration. They lead by example and they lead with passion. The Foundation and OCP Community is better because of them.

2018 - 2020 OCP Project Leads

Below is the list of incoming project leads for the 2018 - 2020 term.  Please join the OCP Foundation in welcoming the following individuals. (Names in Bold are the newly elected project leads, other names are returning project leads). 

  • Data Center Facility - Brevan Rheyer (Rackspace)

  • HPC - Steven Roberts (IBM) & Adi Gangidi (Rackspace)

  • Hardware Management - Norman James (IBM) & Hemal Shah (Broadcom)

  • Networking - Omar Baldonado (Facebook) & Scott Emery (Cumulus)

  • Open System Firmware - Ron Minnich (Google) & Devender Goud (Microsoft)

  • Rack & Power  - Steve Mills (Facebook) & Caleb Lusk (Rittal)

  • Security - Nate Klein (Google) & Bryan Kelly (Microsoft)

  • Server - John Stuewe (Dell) & Siamak Tavallaei (Microsoft)

  • Storage - Jorge Campello (Western Digital) & Jason Adrian (Microsoft)

  • Telco - Sumithra Bhojan (AT&T) & Craig White (Nokia)

For more information on the OCP leadership, please visit us at https://www.opencompute.org/about.

We would also like to thank those project leads who served last term and are moving on to pursue other opportunities. Many thanks for your leadership and tireless efforts to make the OCP Community what it is today.  

  • Hardware Management - Bernie Meier (Ericsson)

  • Rack & Power - Brian Obernesser (Fidelity)

  • Telco - Kang-Won Lee (SK Telecom) & Bryan Larish (Verizon)

A very special thanks to all those nominees who were willing to lead but did not get elected this time around.  OCP is continuously expanding - we are adding new sub-projects and incubation projects every quarter. There will be more opportunities arising and rest assured, we will be reaching out to you for your assistance.

Get to know your new Project Leads!

Caleb Lusk (Rittal) Rack & Power Project Co-Lead

Caleb is an Engineering Systems Consultant with Rittal, the world’s leading manufacturer of industrial and IT enclosures. He has over 17 years of experience in design, enclosure manufacturing and project management with the company. Caleb holds a Mechanical Engineering degree and is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP). With his direct involvement, across global Rittal engineering teams, Caleb has helped to produced innovative designs for rack enclosures and liquid cooling solutions for both data center and industrial environments. He has a strong customer focus with an entrepreneurial spirit and is helping define next generation data centers.

Hemal Shah (Broadcom) Hardware Management Project Co-Lead

Hemal is a Distinguished Engineer and Systems/Software/ Standards architect in the Compute and Connectivity (CCX) division at Broadcom Inc. He is a renowned expert in several areas including high-speed networking, distributed system architectures, system management, virtual networking, web services, storage networking, protocol offloading, cloud computing, and system software. Hemal is the lead architect of NetXtreme-E (NX-E), NetXtreme-C (NX-C), and NetXtreme1 (NX1) Ethernet controller product lines. He is one of the key architects of Broadcom’s Smart NIC products. Hemal spearheaded the system architecture and features development of Broadcom’s TruFlowTM and TruManageTM technologies. Before joining Broadcom, Hemal worked at Intel Corporation where he led the development of system/silicon/software architecture of communication processors, 10 Gigabit Ethernet controllers, and TCP/iSCSI/RDMA/IPsec/SSL/firewall/VPN acceleration technologies.
Hemal is the lead technical representative/contributor from Broadcom in several standards organizations including Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF), Open Compute Project (OCP), and Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). Hemal currently serves as Senior VP and the VP of Technology in the DMTF. Hemal has been a critical driving force behind the development of numerous DMTF and OCP standards related to system management, virtualization management, and cloud management. Hemal is a named inventor on 40+ patents.

Jason Adrian (Microsoft) Storage Project Co-lead

Jason Adrian is a Principal Program Manager at Microsoft on the Azure storage hardware team. He has spent his career developing storage hardware platforms spanning enterprise and hyperscale solutions ranging from high performance flash to archival storage. Jason has been active in the OCP community for the past 5 years, contributing the Bryce Canyon storage platform and the Open Rack V2 Cubby and DC power distribution specifications. He was a founding member of the OCP Cloud HDD sub-group which brings together hyperscale companies and the storage ecosystem to solve unique challenges in an open and collaborative environment. He is looking forward to accelerating the pace of innovation and collaboration in the Storage project.

Sumithra Bhojan (AT&T) Telco Project Co-Lead

Sumithra Bhojan is a Principal Member of Technical Staff at AT&T with focus on Technology Design and Architecture for Broadband Wireline Access systems. She support and drive AT&T’s vision of transitioning access technology architecture using SDN/NFV and open hardware and open software solution. She has been involved with the OCP community for the past two years and have collaborated with operators and telco suppliers on several OCP specification for G.fast DPU and xPON OLT. She is also involved with other open community projects such as VOLTHA in ONF and ONAP under Linux foundation. "It will be an honor to serve the Telco project as a co-lead with Craig White. I look forward to contributing to the OCP community."

Craig White (Nokia) Telco Project Co-Lead

Professionally, Craig support the adoption of OCP specifications into the Telco environment. He has worked with the Nokia team to make several Telco/NEBS enhancements to OpenRack including -48V and HVDC inputs into the power shelves, EMI shielding options, and Zone 4 Earthquake certification. Most recently completing work on a Skylake motherboard with support for high packet throughput VNF’s, and also having hot swappable high-speed storage options.  He also assists several software teams to validate and develop enhancements to telco related open software stacks on integrated OCP hardware cabinets many based on Openstack and also the VNF’s that run on these stacks. Craig also has several patents related to core backbone networking. OCP Community based, he has been involved in the OCP Telco Project since the formation meetings of the group. "I was privileged to serve as a founding co-lead of the project and established many of the administrative aspects of the project. It will be an honor to serve the Telco project as a co-lead with Sumithra. It is my belief that open communities are fundamental building blocks towards the future of technology."  He has contributed to many IETF RFCs and co-authored several addressing software disaggregation of network link technologies.