New OCP Project Leads Announced

The Open Compute Project Foundation would like to announce the latest roster of volunteer leads that help OCP scalable and efficient to make an impact on openess. We are so grateful for those individuals who have moved on from their roles as project leads (some to take positions on the OCP Incubation Committee) and some who have opted to pursue other opportunities. Thank you for all that you have done for the OCP community! Your involvement, expertise and leadership has shaped OCP into the global and successful community it is today.The following individuals are going to be serving as OCP Project Leads or Sub-Project Leads. These individuals are either replacing a vacant position or have been appointed to serve as the inaugural lead for a new project/sub-project.

As an open community, the success of OCP is due to the tireless work of our members who generously give of their time and expertise. Please help us welcome these individuals. We look forward to watching them lead. For information on future volunteer leadership positions at OCP, please contact the OCP Foundation staff.


OCP Project Leadership (New Project Leads are in Bold):

Project Name Role
Data Center Facility Project Jim Gordon (Schnieder Electric) Project Lead
Hardware Management Hemal Shah (Broadcom) Project Lead
Hardware Management Jugeshwar Mahto (Delta) Project Lead
Networking Omar Baldonado (Facebook) Project Lead
Networking Scott Emery (Cumulus) Project Lead
Open System Firmware Mallik Bulusu (Microsoft) Project Lead
Open System Firmware Ryan O'Leary (Google) Project Lead
Rack & Power Caleb Lusk (Rittal) Project Lead
Rack & Power Hamid Keyhani (Facebook) Project Lead
Security (Incubation) Bryan Kelly (Microsoft) Project Lead
Security (Incubation) Nate Klein (Google) Project Lead
Server John Steuwe (Dell) Project Lead
Server Siamak Tavallaei (Microsoft) Project Lead
Storage Jason Adrian (Microsoft) Project Lead
Storage Dave Landsman (Western Digital) Project Lead
Telco Markus Berglund (Nokia) Project Lead
Telco Sumithra Bhojan (AT&T) Project Lead
Modular Data Center Sub-Project Roberto Söderhall (Swedish Modules) Sub-Project Lead
Modular Data Center Sub-Project Rob Coyle (PCX) Sub-Project Lead
Critical Facility Operations Sub-Project Goran Svensson (Coromatic) Sub-Project Lead
ACS Door Heat Exchange Sub-Project Jacob Na (Facebook) Sub-Project Lead
ACS Cold Plate Sub-Project Jessica Gullbrand (Intel) Sub-Project Lead
ACS Immersion Cooling Sub-Project Rolf Brink (Asperitas) Sub-Project Lead
Mezz (NIC) Sub-Project Damien Chong (Facebook) Sub-Project Lead
HPC Sub-Project Steven Roberts (IBM) Sub-Project Lead
OAI Sub-Project Whitney Zhao (Facebook) Sub-Project Lead
OAI Sub-Project Siamak Tavallaei (Microsoft) Sub-Project Lead
ODSA Sub-Project Bapi Vinnakota Sub-Project Lead
ONIE Sub-Project Alex Doyle (Cumulus) Sub-Project Lead
ONL Sub-Project Steven Noble (BigSwitch Networks) Sub-Project Lead
Open RMC Sub-Project John Leung (Intel) Sub-Project Lead
Open RMC Sub-Project Han Wang (Inspur) Sub-Project Lead
openEDGE Sub-Project Mike Moore (openEDGE) Sub-Project Lead
SAI Sub-Project Xin Liu (Microsoft) Sub-Project Lead
SONiC Sub-Project Xin Liu (Microsoft) Sub-Project Lead