New members on the Open Compute Project Foundation team

We’re excited to welcome two new additions to the Open Compute Project Foundation staff: Stephanie Loayza and Hugh Blemings.

Stephanie Loayza, Events Manager

Stephanie has worked in the tech industry as an executive assistant for several years at companies such as Google and Facebook. One of the roles that an EA typically fulfills for her team is that of event planner, and the same was true when the Open Compute Project was first started at Facebook. After successfully planning several OCP Engineering Workshops and OCP Summits IV and V, she is extremely excited to continue that role directly for the foundation.

Hugh Blemings, Director of Certification

Hugh has been working on free software in a professional capacity since 1999. Before joining the Open Compute Project, Hugh was manager of software development at M5 Network Security, a division of Northrop Grumman. Prior to M5, Hugh was manager of hardware enablement at Canonical for several years. A long stint at IBM’s Linux Technology Centre / OzLabs doing Linux on Power and a period at Linuxcare in the early days rounds out his professional free software history.

Hugh is the co-author of “Practical Arduino” and has contributed to various free software and open hardware projects over the years, including “gnokii” and the Linux kernel. Hugh previously served on the Linux Foundation’s Technical Advisory Board and is in his second term as Vice President of Linux Australia. He remains of the view that any day that involves a soldering iron, an oscilloscope, emacs, and a compiler is likely a fun one.

Please join us in welcoming Stephanie and Hugh to our team, and keep an eye out for them at future OCP Engineering Workshops and Summits!