Networking Project Engineering Workshop Videos Are Live!

The Open Compute Project Networking Group held a day-long engineering workshop on August 29, 2017 at the headquarters of Cumulus Networks, in Mountain View, CA. 

The videos and presentations are now available at the following links:


Video 1

Introduction to Workshop Breakouts


Introductory Slides:

Video 2

OCP Engineering Workshop (Networking Group Breakout 1)

Snaproute - Amber Graner, Snaproute Update:

CBW - Rajat Ghai, CBW Call to Action:

Mojo Networks - JVR Murthy, Onie For QCA ARM based AP Platforms:

Video 3 

Finisar - OCP Engineering Workshop (Networking Group Breakout 2)

Finisar - Don Bollinger, OOM Driver:

OCP Engineering Workshop (Networking Group Breakout 3)

You can also find these on the wiki here:


A huge "Thank you" to the team at Cumulus Networks for hosting the event, their generous hospitality, and going above and beyond in making it an incredible event.