Microsoft Project Olympus specifications and designs are now available on the OCP Marketplace

One year ago, Microsoft announced Project Olympus, Microsoft’s next generation cloud hardware design which will power the Azure hyper-scale cloud, one of the world’s largest cloud infrastructure running in over 100 datacenters worldwide. Since joining OCP in 2014, Microsoft has shared the same server and datacenter designs that they deploy around the world and the OCP community has been able to take advantage of Microsoft’s innovations to improve performance, efficiency, power consumption and cost. Today, the first wave of Project Olympus specifications and design details are now available on the OCP Marketplace. Project Olympus products will soon be available and listed on the marketplace. 

The Open Compute Project marketplace is a one-stop Marketplace to open sourced specifications, designs, and products. Products that carry the OCP Accepted™ recognition comply 100% with an OCP-accepted specifications and design files are open sourced and available. Products that carry the OCP Inspired™ recognition comply 100% with an OCP-accepted specification and are available from a Gold, Silver or Platinum member of OCP. All OCP products on the marketplace meet three or more of the OCP tenets of efficiency, openness, impact & scale.