Kushagra Vaid of Microsoft to Keynote OCP European Summit 2014

kvaid portrait 2The OCP Foundation is pleased to announce Kushagra Vaid of Microsoft as one of our featured keynote speakers for the OCP European Summit 2014.

Kushagra was one of our featured speakers at the OCP Summit in San Jose earlier this year and we are pleased to welcome him back to our main stage.

Kushagra is the General Manager for Server Engineering in Microsoft’s Cloud & Enterprise division. He is responsible for driving hardware R&D, engineering designs, deployments and support for Microsoft’s cloud scale services (such as Bing, Azure, Office 365, and others) across a global datacenter footprint. The engineering effort also includes development for the OpenCloud Server (OCS) specification that was contributed by Microsoft to OCP in January 2014.

Kushagra joined Microsoft in 2007 as Principal Architect working on improving performance/power efficiency for large cloud services, and contributed to the development of standardized energy efficiency benchmarks at SPEC and TPC industry forums. He was also responsible for driving Microsoft’s datacenter hardware strategy and cloud optimized server designs working closely with the broader hardware industry. Prior to Microsoft, Kushagra was a Principal Engineer at Intel where his responsibilities included driving the technology direction for Intel’s Xeon microprocessors and platforms. He started his career as a CPU design engineer and architected several enterprise class CPUs and platforms for over a decade at Intel.

Kushagra has published several papers in international research conferences, and is also the holder of over 25 patents in the field of computer architecture and datacenter design. He is a featured speaker in industry conferences on cloud services, hardware engineering and datacenter architecture.

Registration for the OCP European Summit 2014 is free and open to the public; however, registration is required attend. Those who wish to attend can register here.

The OCP European Summit 2014 will be held at  École Polytechnique in Paris, France on 30-31 October. More information can be found at summit.opencompute.org