Inspur Completes Redfish Implementation of OCP Recognized San Jose Server Node

Last week I had the opportunity to present at the DMTF’s 2018 Alliance Partner Technical Symposium where I shared our Hardware Management Project’s strategy to align with the DMTF Redfish specification. In April, the project released the OCP BASELINE PROFILE which prescribes the Redfish properties that should be supported by all managed IT equipment. This BASELINE PROFILE has been adopted by OCP and has been endorsed by OCP’s Server, Networking, Storage, TELCO, and Rack & Power projects. 

At the DMTF event, it was my pleasure to also announce that Inspur had completed the Redfish implementation on their OCP recognized San Jose Server Node. This server node with Redfish support was initially demonstrated at the OCP Summit in March. In early July, using the DMTF’s Redfish Interop Validator, Inspur confirmed that the San Jose server node was fully compliant to the OCP BASELINE PROFILE. This is the first OCP recognized product to report compliance!   

Inspur plans to extend and enhance their current implementation across other hardware platforms and plans to continue to support and contribute to the open hardware management community. 

Bill Carter,

Chief Technology officer

Open Compute Project Foundation