Hyve Solutions Recognizes the Benefits of Effective Community Participation in OCP

As the original OCP Solutions Provider, and Platinum Level OCP Member, Hyve Solutions plays a very unique role in the Open Compute Project and has been responsible for building and integrating Open Compute Servers, delivering fully racked and tested solutions to Facebook datacenters around the globe.  With the knowledge and experience gained from working closely with Facebook and the Open Compute community, and recognizing the potential in both the large-scale datacenter space and OCP, Hyve began to develop their own line of rack and server solutions – the Ambient Series – a design heavily influenced by the Open Compute Project.

Hyve Solutions, a wholly-owned subsidiary of SYNNEX (NYSE:SNX), a Fortune-500 brand, is headquartered in Fremont, CA and has grown substantially since its inception, deploying racks in over 20 countries to the world’s largest data center customers.

“OCP over the years has changed the market completely; it was a game changer and we apply the principles and characteristics from the original OCP products into most of the products we create today” stated Steve Ichinaga, President of Hyve Solutions.


Hotter Running Servers Help Cool The Planet

Hyve Solutions has been an integral part of the OCP community from the very beginning, providing key insights through years of experience and contributions.  Hyve continues to prioritize the development of highly efficient solutions and has submitted a subset of their popular Ambient Series products for recognition as OCP-Accepted™.  Currently under review by the OCP Foundation, the submission was born from customers requesting many OCP-like features but within a more traditional layout.  Hyve developed the subset of the Ambient Series to address this demand and enable these customers to take advantage of these highly desired features and present them in a platform that is more easily adopted by the traditional datacenter customer.

Heavily inspired by OCP, the innovative Ambient Series was developed from the ground up to maximize overall data center efficiency while reducing deployment costs. The servers have been designed to tolerate much higher temperatures, which allows for the ambient air in a data center to efficiently cool the servers, instead of resorting to power-hungry chilled cooling systems. The result is a substantial and measurable reduction in power consumption.

“One of the differences in the Ambient Series is that it combines storage and compute into the same chassis and scales up” stated Conor Malone, VP of Engineering for Hyve Solutions. “”It pulls a lot of features from OCP that make it easier for people to adopt in existing datacenters and bridges the gap between a full OCP solution and one that will be compatible with existing modern data centers” added Steve Ichinaga. “Contributing to OCP is important, and as members we need to do our part so that others can leverage these innovations moving forward.”



SYNNEX Corporation (NYSE: SNX), a Fortune 500 corporation, is a leading business process services company, optimizing supply chains and providing customer care solutions for its clients. The Company distributes a broad range of information technology systems and products, and also provides systems design and integration services.  The Concentrix segment offers a portfolio of end-to-end outsourced services around process optimization, customer engagement strategy and back-office automation to clients in ten identified industry verticals. Founded in 1980, SYNNEX has over 100,000 employees worldwide. Additional information about SYNNEX may be found online at www.synnex.com.

About OCP

The Open Compute Project Foundation is a 501(c)(6) organization which was founded in 2011 by Facebook, Intel, Rackspace. Our mission is to apply the benefits of open source to hardware and rapidly increase the pace of innovation in, near and around the data center and beyond.

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