2023 Summit Theme: Scaling Innovation Through Collaboration

As the Open Compute Project (OCP) begins its second decade, its original mission of community-driven open hardware specifications for operations at scale has evolved to include an expanded focus on innovation and collaboration. The OCP Foundation is expanding its role as a catalyst for collaboration and is actively including adjacent communities such as academics, research labs and the start-up ecosystem. Collaboration in an open environment is the critical element that gives the OCP Community its strength to tackle the large technology and environmental challenges facing our industry in a safe and trusted environment, while moving to a truly sustainable consumption pattern. For this reason, the OCP Foundation has chosen Scaling Innovation Through Collaboration as the theme for the 2023 OCP Global Summit.

At this year’s Global Summit, as with previous Summits, we plan to showcase all the innovative and potentially market-shifting work done by the OCP Community in the numerous OCP Projects. Within the industry, many look to the OCP Community to take the lead on blazing a trail toward a sustainable computational infrastructure and with sustainability now the fifth Tenet at OCP, we look forward to first results revealed at the OCP Global Summit. The OCP Community has taken the lead on providing standardizations helping accelerate the adoption of liquid cooling, establishing a very strong and active community advancing the development of cooling environments. While too numerous to mention all the disruptions being worked by the OCP Community, one that must not go unnoticed is the standardizations provided by the OCP ODSA Project, taking a leadership role in establishing a true open chiplet economy as silicon supply chains reconfigure to meet the needs of AI and ML workloads.

Looking beyond today’s OCP Projects to future innovations that will impact the industry is the OCP Future Technologies Symposium (FTS), a showcases of promising developments from the world’s most innovative research and academic institutions, and the OCP Future Technologies Initiative (FTI), OCP’s newest project workstream which focuses on emerging technologies like optical interconnect architectures, computational storage and AI HW/SW co-design. In the spirit of continuing to establish new collaborations and communities driving innovation, the OCP Global Summit includes special focus tracks this year covering Optical Networking, Quantum Computing and Communications and a track that highlights significant deployments of OCP-recognized equipment.


Please join us at the OCP Global Summit October 17th-19th in San Jose to experience some of the most potentially disruptive technologies and market-leading products and collaborate with a community of experts.