Though not a standards body, the OCP Community forges new technology norms, fostering an ecosystem where industry players collaborate in a safe framework, shaping a versatile and diverse supply chain.

From startups to hyperscalers as well as research, academia and investors, the OCP Community is able to reduce procurement time, research efforts, expenses, development time, and even legal complexity for your projects.

Shaping the Future

The OCP Foundation is responsible for fostering, serving and seeding the OCP Community to develop new open solutions that can meet the market and shape the future. In shaping the future, OCP will continue to invest in strategic initiatives that prepare the IT ecosystem for major changes, such as AI & ML, optics, sustainable data center solutions, advanced power management and cooling techniques, composable silicon and sustainability.


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As early as 2011, Tencent engaged with OCP over the standard definition of rack level design. Tencent always maintains an open mind and is willing to grow with the industry. This year Tencent officially returns to the OCP community, hoping to continue to share Tencent's technologies and operations experience in data center, networking, server, and other fields. Also expect further joint efforts with industry leaders to drive more innovative hardware design and openness in the global server ecosystem.

Tom Bie, VP, Tencent Technical Engineering Group Tencent Technologies