OCP US Summit 2017 - And Now A Word About Our Sponsors!

OCP Summit 2

The 2017 Open Compute Project (OCP) Summit is less than a week away.  We're excited to see over 2,000 attendees from around the globe preparing to attend the most highly anticipated OCP event to date.  

The continued support and participation of our Summit Sponsors play a major part in furthering the vision of the Open Compute Project, and as such we would like to take this opportunity to recognize and say "Thank You" to all those who help make these events possible.

The OCP Summit is a great way to network and meet other people and companies with the same interest in changing the data center ecosystem through the power of open source. Find out how you can Consume OCP gear, Collaborate with the OCP Community and Contribute to the OCP ecosystem.

Where will you find these sponsors?  In addition to their expo hall booths, be sure to seek out Platinum Sponsors in the opening keynotes.  Our Executive Talks are given by our Platinum and Gold sponsors and on the Expo Hall stage you'll find our Platinum, Gold and Silver sponsors. We also have an amazing 40 hour line-up of Engineering Workshops on Day 2.

Take a look at the agenda and register today for the 2017 OCP Summit.  Register today to avoid paying a higher registration fee onsite.

Platinum Sponsors for the 2017 OCP Summit


Facebook logo OCP2       Intel logo OCP3     Microsoft logo OCP4  

Gold Sponsors for the 2017 OCP Summit:

 Delta 300x300      FlexLogo1        HPE Logo3         HYVE logo OCP3
 Marvell Technology Group logo   resizedimage19866 seagate2015 2c horizontal pos    resizedimage19872 Everspan Logo LG    

Silver Sponsors for the 2017 OCP Summit:

  resizedimage19647 AMD E Blk RGB     resizedimage19964 apmLogo     ec networks W80cm 300dpi3     resizedimage19965 HGST Logo H 4C Black1
InspurLogo3   resizedimage19857 liteon tm transparent tagline   resizedimage199153 Mellanox logo   resizedimage19929 Panasonic logo 2
QCT 250   resizedimage19985 wiwynn        


Bronze Sponsors for the 2017 OCP Summit:

Amax     CIG     Cavium     Cumulus
DellEMC   GEIST   Screenshot 2017 03 05 11.55.16   Micron
MuRata   Nokia   Penguin   RITTAL RGB W Lands3
Schneider   SK   Vertiv    


Copper Sponsors for the 2017 OCP Summit: 

3M      Screenshot 2017 03 05 13.03.48      BelPower     Centec2
Eoptolink   Gigalight   ITOCHU   Metaswitch
resizedimage19431 Netronome Logo standard CMYK   resizedimage19850 Pentair Logo RGB   resizedimage19868 RS Logo Rev2 06   resizedimage19868 radisys logo RGB reversedhi
resizedimage20064 RedHat Logo RH CMYK Default 2   resizedimage19634 UEC Starline cmyk   resizedimage19964 T 03 01 Rd Wh    


Start-Up Sponsors for the 2017 OCP Summit:

apstra logo vertical rgb copy    ASRock    resizedimage19881 Barefoot Text Logo Blue    resizedimage19968 Liqid full identity BLK    resizedimage19954 Nephos logo std
resizedimage19738 TidalScale                


Non-Profit Sponsors for the 2017 OCP Summit:


resizedimage199140 DMTF Redfish logo    resizedimage19943 OPNFV Pantone 2    resizedimage19860 OpenPower logo blk badge    resizedimage19987 OpenSwitchLogo
resizedimage19970 ubuntu delivered by orange hex            



For more information about the 2017 OCP Summit, or to see an agenda, please visit the OCP Summit website.